Summertime Cruisin’ in the Ford Explorer

A red 2023 Ford Explorer towing a trailer on a farm.

Everyone looks forward to summer. After all, the weather is warm, the days are long, the kids are off from school, and there seems to be a laid-back attitude in the air. This makes it the perfect time to venture out on an epic road trip. There’s no better vehicle to accompany you on all of your summer excursions than the 2023 Ford Explorer, especially when you want to enjoy the ride in ultimate comfort, with a few perks along the way.

When you’re searching for a Ford Explorer for sale, look no further than Future Ford of Sacramento. We have an excellent inventory of Explorer models to take you from the mountains to the beaches, the desert to the trails, and everywhere else you want to go. So, is the Explorer a great vehicle for summer road trips? Well, with the features we’re about to mention below, you’ll have no doubt in your mind that the Explorer was made for summer fun.

Kick Back & Relax

When you’re ready to embark on a road trip with the family, the Explorer is ready for it, with available multicontour seats with Active Motion to help the driver and passenger enjoy every moment they’re navigating the roadway. With a multitude of massaging options, those long trips to the campsite are made easier when you’ve got the Explorer leading the way, helping to prevent pesky tiredness from creeping into your drive and keeping you alert and ready for the journey. The Explorer offers three rows and seating for up to seven, which means that traveling with more passengers is a breeze in this midsize SUV.

You’ll find plenty of helpful features to heighten the experience inside, like available ambient lighting, which offers seven colors to set the tone of the adventure. Its available Bang & Olufsen 12-speaker sound system also comes in handy to blast your favorite tunes as you’re rolling down the open highway to your destination. Opt for a rear-seat entertainment system to keep the kiddos occupied and be able to make the most out of your time on the road.

A blue 2023 Ford Explorer ST parked on the side of a city street.

Load Up & Hit the Highway

When you know that you have enough room for all of your passengers, it makes the trip infinitely more enjoyable. The Explorer takes this a step further by offering up to 87.8 cu.ft. of cargo space for all of your gear so that no one feels cramped on board this legendary road trip staple. Opt for the PowerFold Third-Row Seat, which folds down with just a touch of a button, when you need to handle more gear. Plus, with an available Cargo Management System, the Explorer is fully capable of bringing all of your travel belongings with you for the ride.

The Explorer’s reversible load floor can also accommodate muddy and dirty items, flipping over to reveal plastic bedding to protect the rest of your cargo from becoming dirty. Throughout the Explorer’s expansive cabin, you’ll find plenty of storage cubbies and pockets to help you keep track of all the gear everyone has with them without encroaching on everyone’s comfort. A power liftgate makes loading up simple, even when you’ve got gear in both hands, by opening with just a push of a button. There are also plenty of accessories to make carrying gear a breeze, including bike carriers, cargo baskets, and more, so no matter where you’re heading and what you’re bringing with you, the Explorer can handle it. Want to test out any of these features in person? Just head to your local Ford Explorer dealership for a hands-on tour.

Get Muddy in the Timberline

For adventurous families who love to hit the trails during summertime road trips, you’ll want to do so in a vehicle that was made to thrill you. That’s exactly what you’ll find in the Timberline model, which showcases durable features, ready for any type of terrain. Poised for off-road escapades, the Timberline is armed with strong underbody skid plates, a TORSEN limited-slip rear axle, impeccable ground clearance, and specialized lighting elements to help you see clearly once the sun goes down.

An excellent Terrain Management System comes to the rescue, no matter what type of environment you’re traveling in, offering up to seven selectable drive modes, ready for any scenario imaginable. From Trail to Slippery, Eco to Sport, the Explorer is capable of traversing any type of terrain with excitement. Specialized badging and an exclusive Timberline grille complete the look of this rugged adventurer, making it a top pick for those who are looking to explore the wilderness this summer.

Camping Trip Companion

When you’re loading up the camper, you want a vehicle that can tow like a seasoned pro, which is exactly what you get when you trust your road trip to the Explorer. With three engines to choose from, you’ll be able to take advantage of top-level power. The Explorer can tow up to 5,600 lbs when properly equipped with the 3.0L V6 engine and towing equipment, which allows it to effortlessly bring your trailer, boat, camper, or whatever else you’re hauling anywhere you need to go.

Advanced trailering tech helps you remain safe during every second of your journey. Trailer Sway Control, for example, helps you maintain absolute control over your haul, regardless of the terrain that sits beneath your tires. Plus, with Side-Wind Stabilization standard across the board, your Explorer maintains a safe and controlled ride, even when the wind picks up and you’re navigating through gusty environments.

A silver 2023 Ford Explorer Platinum Hybrid towing a boat out of a body of water.

Exceptional Efficiency

Of course, it’s a given that you want to arrive at your destination without having to make too many stops by a gas station on the way. Fortunately, when you’re driving the Explorer, its powertrain selection is one of the best, allowing you to harness unmatched efficiency and a ride quality that’s leaps and bounds above the competition. For those who prioritize fuel efficiency, the 3.3L Hybrid V6 may just be perfect for you, getting up to 28 MPG on the open highway, allowing you to focus less on the gas gauge and more on the beautiful scenery surrounding you on the interstate.

Dedicated Co-Pilot

Every road trip needs a co-pilot, and when you’re traveling in the Explorer, your vehicle is the ultimate co-pilot. From keeping you safe to making sure everyone is entertained, the Explorer takes care of the tough stuff so you and your passengers can focus on enjoying the ride. Whether it’s navigation you desire or driving assistance, the Explorer is armed with it all, allowing you to feel undoubtedly confident, even when you’re far away from home. SYNC 3 technology provides access to all of the tech you need on the ride, while available wireless charging keeps everyone’s devices powered up and ready for hours on the road. Parking assistance, multiple camera views, and an advanced suite of driver-assist features make it easy to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime road trip. Whether you opt for the latest model or a Certified Pre-Owned Ford Explorer, you can relax, knowing that the Explorer has every facet of your drive covered.

Is the Explorer a Great Vehicle for Summer Road Trips?

Whether you’re traveling into the wilderness or hitting the highway to travel cross-country, the Ford Explorer is designed for every road trip imaginable. It’s powerful enough to tow among the best on the road, pleasantly efficient to help you arrive at your destination without time-consuming stops at the gas station, and comfortable for all on board. Loads of space makes it easy to handle more gear, while helpful driver-assist and tech features allow it to be a true co-pilot on the road. If you’re planning on embarking on a road trip this summer, you’ll want the Explorer by your side for every mile of your journey. Stop by Future Ford of Sacramento and let our pros help you pick the perfect Explorer model for your epic adventure today.


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