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Selling a car that you own can seem like a daunting process. We know when you search “sell my car,” there’s a wave of sadness that comes from saying goodbye to a loyal friend. Even when you know you’ll be upgrading to a better ride, there’s always some melancholy as you give up the keys to a vehicle that served you well on the road. You may think back on fun journeys and long trips, on times spent with family and friends in your car, or even on times alone when you sang along to the radio. Silly though it may sound, you always want to know your vehicle will be in good hands. There’s comfort in knowing you’re handing it to someone honest.

Then, there’s the hassle of actually selling it! Sometimes, selling a car can feel like a full-time job. Yet, there’s no reason this needs to be. If you find an honest and organized dealer, you can make the process infinitely easier. Does such a dealer exist? Most certainly. Here at Future Ford of Sacramento, we pride ourselves on how simple we make it for people to sell their vehicles to us. With our years of experience, we know how to make the process of selling your vehicle simple and rewarding. If you come to Future Ford of Sacramento to sell your car, you’ll be in the best hands. We make that promise. In fact, we are exactly the sort of place where you would want to sell your car: an honest broker who will give your vehicle the attention it deserves.

Why Sell to Future Ford?

We know you hear about a lot of dealers and organizations who promise the world if you sell your car to them, and you may be wondering what makes Future Ford of Sacramento stand out from the rest of the pack. We have a history of excellent customer service and access to Ford’s century of automobile knowledge. We uphold Ford’s tradition of excellence and quality and are eager to put the best vehicles on the market and treat sellers the way they deserve to be treated. Anyone who steps into our showroom, no matter their purpose, finds themselves respected and appreciated. We are not interested in quick tricks and fast talk to get what we want; we want to build relationships with every client, whatever their needs are.

You do not need to take our word for it, though. We have won the Ford President’s Award, which recognizes dealerships that provide stellar customer satisfaction, three times! We were proud to receive this title, but we were not surprised; our excellent customer service has allowed us to be a part of the Sacramento area for years. We intend to keep that tradition up.

When you walk into Future Ford of Sacramento to sell your car, you are walking into a dealership that you know will treat you right and give you the best deal on whatever vehicle you are selling. Sad though you may be to say goodbye to your car, you will know you’re selling it to the best.

Do You Have to Buy From Us When You Sell Your Car?

We know that the process of selling your car can be confusing. Doing it on your own is a task and a half, and each dealership seems to have its own rules and regulations on how you can sell your car. That can be confusing and frustrating. Sometimes you want to give it away for cheap just to avoid all of this. There’s no need to make a sacrifice like that, however. Ford Future of Sacramento aims to solve all those problems. We strive for simplicity instead of complication, providing convenience instead of frustration. Most of all, we aim for honesty.

One of the first questions potential sellers ask is whether there is a requirement to trade in their car for a new one from us. The answer is easy: no. We don’t agree with the idea of putting a bunch of qualifiers on how to sell a vehicle to us. That only results in frustration for everyone involved. Instead, you can walk in, have your vehicle evaluated, and sell it to us for a fair price. All parties go away happy when the process is kept smooth and simple. In short, if you come in to sell, we’ll be ready for you. No buying or trade-in expectations exist.

What Do You Need to Sell Your Car?

You might assume getting your vehicle valued will be an arduous process, time-consuming and exhaustive. We do not believe it should be. At Future Ford of Sacramento, we offer quick evaluations in person or using our online portal. We have an online appraisal tool that means you don’t even have to leave your house for most of the process! Sellers have raved to us in the past about this development, shocked at how much it streamlined the sale. That’s the reaction we always want.

The type of car you plan to sell or trade in does not matter. We are happy to look at sedans, SUVs, and trucks. Every vehicle is welcome here with no cutoffs for make and model. After your vehicle receives its evaluation, we are happy to give you a cash payment if a trade-in is not in your interest. We believe multiple options for sellers result in everyone going away satisfied.

After the online appraisal, bring your car to our Sacramento showroom. We will give it an in-person examination to see where it currently stands. Rest assured that this process will be detailed but quick. After our technicians have thoroughly evaluated how your car looks under the hood, we will give you a very fair appraisal. We have no interest in giving you a low number as we want to form a lasting, trusting relationship with everyone who works with us. Our dealership survives due to the bonds we make with the people of Sacramento, after all.

If you are leasing your current vehicle, you may be wondering if you can still sell it to us. In many cases, yes! While the process is a little different depending on the brand, you should stop by and have a chat with us, so we can find out the best way to serve you. We’ll walk you through the process of selling a leased car and try to get you the best outcome we can.

We Give Sacramento Drivers Options!

Here at Future Ford of Sacramento, we have many options for those who want to sell their vehicles. Whether you want cash or to trade for a new car, you’ll be able to leave happy you were treated fairly and with respect. If you are interested in a trade-in, we have fantastic options on our lot. Every week, we receive new shipments of Ford vehicles that meet the highest standards. You’ll be pleased with the selection and be able to drive away in the Ford of your dreams. A quick review of Ford’s current lineup is sure to impress, and our used Ford vehicles are just as exciting. Our spectrum of options impresses customers, and sometimes they leave in a vehicle far better than they expected. Stop by Future Ford of Sacramento today and get ready to sell your car. You’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

Tips for Selling Your Car in California

If you’d like more information on how to sell your car for cash nearby, or how to trade in and trade up to a new Ford model, visit our Sacramento Ford dealer. We can show you tips for selling your car in Sacramento, CA, and help you find the best solution for your car-selling needs. You’ll need the following to sell a vehicle in California:

  • The vehicle and all keys/remotes
  • The car's owner's manual
  • Valid state-issued photo ID
  • Title or loan payoff information
  • Vehicle registration
If you have any questions on how to sell your car in California, feel free to contact Future Ford. We’ll estimate your car trade-in value, help you sell your car for a great price and ensure that you drive home happy in a new vehicle. It’s easier than ever to get the value you deserve on your used truck or SUV, so don’t wait and schedule a used car trade-in appraisal today!

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