A black 2023 Ford F-250 Lariat is shown angled left.

Ford’s Super Duty trucks have gained worldwide acclaim since they first hit the market. Internationally, workers have been using them for all sorts of infrastructure projects and local construction projects. Why? Because these trucks redefine the term capability: there’s almost nothing they cannot accomplish. When you get behind the wheel of a Super Duty, you set out knowing you can accomplish any challenge. But these trucks are not just about labor; you’ll also be able to take trips you’ve never imagined since you can tow whatever you need to make your vacation the best it can be. Family and friends will be thrilled by what your vehicle can do and what it can let them experience.

At Future Ford of Sacramento, we’re excited to offer one of the best Super Duty trucks on the market: the 2023 Ford F-250. We know that your life will improve the moment you sit behind the wheel of this truck. From its amazing towing ability to its stellar safety system, you’ll feel like the world is yours to conquer. Plus, its interior is comfortable and provides a host of great infotainment features. The days of pickup trucks being austere are long over. You’ll want to come by Future Ford of Sacramento to pick out a truck for yourself. Let’s walk through the details of the F-250 so you understand exactly why.

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Starting MSRP: $43,970[a]
Horsepower (hp): 405
Torque (lb-ft): 445
Max. Towing (lbs): 23,000


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A grey 2023 Ford F-250 is shown driving on a dirt road next to a rocky hill.

The effectiveness of your truck is directly proportional to the power of its engine. The more powerful the engine, the more you’ll be able to accomplish both on and off the road. That’s why Ford’s F-250 comes with multiple engine options, all offering their own unique capabilities.

Engine Options

The standard engine is far from standard: a 6.8L V8 offering 405 hp. You can opt for a diesel engine that allows for maximum towing: the 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel Engine, which offers 475 hp. One of the best options for a gas engine is an available 7.3L V8 engine, giving you a monstrous 430 hp and 485 lb-ft of torque.

Those numbers sound high, but what do they mean? Better acceleration and a smoother ride, to be exact. When you’re taking off, you want to be able to take off fast, especially when entering the highway. The nightmare scenario of being stuck on an entrance ramp won’t happen when you have an engine like this. That’s not all, though. Since you’re likely to tow with your truck, you want those numbers to be high so you don’t feel like you’re dragging just because you have a trailer attached. Your ride will be smooth at high speeds and with heavy cargo. No matter which engine you go for, the F-250 will not let you down.

The TorqShift 10-Speed Automatic Transmission

It’ll also come equipped with the TorqShift 10-speed automatic transmission, which comes with five selectable drive modes that include Normal, Slippery, and Tow/Haul. This will help to ensure your engine is giving you the power you need when you need it while also making certain your engine is not overworking itself when it does not have to. Long term, this helps quite a bit with maintenance costs since your truck can adapt to the geography around you instead of always treating terrain as if it’s the same.


A blue 2023 Ford F-250 is shown towing a white enclosed trailer on a winding dusty road.

When it comes to bragging rights, the F-250 is going to give you a lot to talk about. Whether you’re looking to tackle the challenges of the job site or get started on that DIY project at home, the Ford F-250 will have the capabilities to handle any towing or payload you encounter.

Impressive Towing and Payload Capacities

Its max towing capacity, provided by the diesel engine, comes out at 23,000 lbs. That’s almost five times the weight of an F-250: a stunning amount of power. If you’re towing for your job, you’re going to be putting everyone else at work to shame. No project will appear impossible, especially when you factor in your payload maximum: over 4,000 lbs. Since the pickup truck’s bed is intuitively designed, you’ll easily be able to fit in whatever it is that needs hauling. That bed also comes with charging outlets to give juice to any tools you need at your work site. There’ll be no need to search for power when you pull up in your F-250.

Built for Work and Play

For those who plan to use their truck more for social purposes, you’ll be happy to see your horizons expand once you have your F-250. Going camping will be a breeze even if you’re with someone who prefers the comforts of home since you’ll be able to bring along whatever they want. When you head down to the lake, you can tow a boat, allowing you to make valued memories with family and friends. Your leisure time will be receiving a serious upgrade.

Available Packages for Further Customization

You can have faith in your F-250’s capabilities, too. There are available packages you can add to your pickup truck if you plan to tow or haul regularly. Packages like the FX4 Off-Road Package or the 360-Degree Camera Package can be valuable aids depending on your needs. Thanks to modern technology, your F-250 is quite versatile, able to adapt to whatever lifestyle you want.


A person is shown driving a 2023 Ford F-250 while using the map feature on the infotainment screen.

Your F-250 is packed with infotainment features that will thrill you and your passengers. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay make it simple to sync your devices with your truck. The available Head-Up Display can project information right onto your windshield, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. Depending on your trim, you can also have an 8-inch or 13-inch touchscreen that features SYNC 4, a remarkable new piece of tech from Ford.

Ford’s SYNC 4 System

SYNC 4 does not just help with entertainment; it becomes a valuable part of your drive. It can read and stream videos from the digital driver’s manual, so you don’t have to pull over and swipe through your manual when you have a question. It can also provide navigation tips when you’re driving through an area that’s new to you. Plus, you can program it to automatically update your truck’s software so that you always have the highest upgrades and features.

A 5G Wi-Fi Hotspot

The F-250 can do a lot of manual labor, but it’s smart, too, and its computer system will keep you entertained, informed, and safe. There’s even a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot available, so you’re never out of touch with the world. Ford understands the importance of staying connected no matter where you are, and the Ford F-250’s array of connectivity features demonstrates that staying in touch is always at your fingertips.


A dark blue 2023 Ford F-250 STX is shown parked at a construction site.

All Ford vehicles come with exceptional safety systems, courtesy of the Ford Co-Pilot360 suite, and the F-250 is no exception. Cross-traffic alerts, lane-keeping assist, and blind spot warnings all come standard. These programs are extensively tested, making driving far safer for Ford customers.

Trailering Tech

In addition to the now-expected safety technology, the F-250 also provides safety tech that uniquely serves pickup truck customers. Safety features that help with towing and hauling are now available on the F-250 so you can drive confidently, whether it’s for work or leisure. For instance, the available Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System keeps you updated on how your trailer’s tires handle during the journey.

The 360-Degree Camera Package and Pro Trailer Backup Assist

The 360-Degree Camera Package comes with a trailer hitch camera to ensure your cargo is properly hitched. The Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature comes into play when you’re in reverse and have to manage your trailer, while the Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Coverage alerts you to any vehicles or obstacles in your vicinity that are out of view due to what you’re towing. These safety features and more are why F-250 drivers always know they’re traveling in a secure vehicle even when there are thousands of pounds hitched to the back.

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The 2023 Ford F-250 Offers a Perfect Balance of Power and Innovation

We ensure our customers purchase only the best vehicles at the most economical prices, as we value loyalty and do everything we can to earn it. After all, there’s no question that customer service makes a dealership successful, so we’ve made it our number one priority. In fact, our dealership was awarded Ford’s President’s Award, which was given to us due to our outstanding treatment of customers and the success of our sales department. How did we do it? We make sure our customer service experts are knowledgeable about all Ford vehicles and that they make your satisfaction their number one goal.

Future Ford of Sacramento also boasts an outstanding parts and services department. We want our dealership to be the only place you need to go for your automobile needs, so we’ve ensured that our technicians are up-to-date and experienced on all things Ford. When you bring your vehicle in, you’re putting it in trusted hands. Whether for an inspection or a specific repair, your truck will be treated like royalty.

Our finance experts will make certain that you’re well-informed during every step of the buying or leasing process. Whether it’s about interest rates or repayment plans, you’re going to feel supported with a payment plan that fits your budget. We want to make the buying process as smooth as traveling behind the wheel in your new F-250. If you’re looking to elevate your daily travels with a powerful truck that is at home on the job site as it is in the wilderness, you owe it to yourself to experience the 2023 Ford F-250 up close and personal.

[a]MSRP may change without notice. See dealer for complete details.