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Are you the type of driver who enjoys saving on gas and still being able to tow and haul in a big truck? If an electric pickup piques your interest, you’ll want to check out the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning. Though it debuted in 2022, the Ford F-150 Lightning has become bolder, faster, sharper, and more exciting for the 2024 model year, including a limited edition model and more. If you’ve been waiting to test out an electric vehicle, now’s the time – the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is prepared to blow you away with its raw power and speed.

As automotive brands lean into electric motors, there will be more motor-powered vehicles in the future, especially in the truck and SUV categories. However, there has never been a better time to get behind the wheel of a Ford F-150 – the technology has improved over the last two model years, and there are a host of features packed into the Lightning to make driving even more fun, whether you’re hauling the camper to a state or national park for the weekend, or you’re driving around town showing off your new ride.


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Starting MSRP: $49,995[a]
Torque (lb-ft): 775
Max. Towing (lbs): 10,000
Max. Range (mi.): 320


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While plenty of electric cars can function with one electric motor, Ford isn’t out to make a puny pickup. The F-150 Lightning roars to life with two electric motors, now standard across trim levels. You’ll have all the power you want right at your fingertips. Another bonus for the 2024 model is that all Lightning trims will come with all-wheel drive, perfect for those off-road explorations, as well as commuting throughout your day. The Lightning’s performance is just as sought after as the gas-powered F-150 – you never have to compromise on power or performance.

Battery Options

There are two power options for the 2024 Lightning model: the standard-range battery and the extended-range battery. Are you interested in the hauling and towing side of owning and driving a pickup, or are you looking to utilize other aspects of the truck, like seating capacity and tech? Depending on how you answer, you may be more interested in the standard or extended ranges. Trucks with the standard range battery provide you with 452 hp, while the extended battery bumps your hp up to 580. Despite being a full-size pickup, the Lightning performs with grace and speed, with the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in a mere four seconds.


Another factor dependent on battery size is driving range – if you opt for the 98.0-kWh standard battery size, you’ll have a range of up to 230 miles per charge. The larger battery, the 131.0kWh, will only need a charge after 320 miles. One of the best things about the Lightning is that you can either charge it at home or at one of the many public DC fast-charging stations. While you might have to wait a little while, Ford says that on average, you can charge about 65% in 45 minutes, which means you’ll also spend less time charging, and more time on the road.

Special Models

A man is shown next to the open door of a 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning.

Two new specialties are available for the 2024 F-150 Lightning – the Flash Trim and the Platinum Black Limited Edition. Many drivers are interested in the Flash trim because it combines exciting features without having to be attached to the highest trim levels. This allows you to get bonus features for a lower price tag, which means you can spend more money on outfitting your interior with all manner of extras instead of wishing you had one of the most sought-after features.

The Ford F-150 Lightning Flash

The Flash trim automatically upgrades the Lightning with the extended battery, which means you can drive longer, haul and tow more, and only make occasional visits to public charging stations. You’ll also get to try out the latest version of Ford BlueCruise. More and more highways will be added, and it should be noted that since Ford updated previous models from 2023 and 2022 with the newest BlueCruise, it’s like they’ll continue to do the same for 2024 models and beyond. Along with Ford’s driver assistance software and the biggest battery available, you’ll also be able to utilize the 15.5-inch infotainment screen for all your driving and entertainment needs.

The Platinum Black Limited Edition Model

The Platinum Black Limited Edition changes not only the appearance of the latest Lightning model but also adds some luxurious features inside and out. A fully matte black wrap lets you live out your superhero fantasies undercover and keeps you at your stealthiest with matte black platinum wheels and black Ford badging. A unique signature light bar across the front keeps the Lightning looking distinguished and modern, and a sleek black tonneau cover adorns the back. Other additions include power-deployable running boards for the exterior and premium black leather seats for the interior. This dashing, elegant look is limited, however – only 2,000 of these Platinum Black Limited Editions will be made.


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The Ford F-150 Lightning is a young buck, but Ford has already put in place several updates to enhance the driving and charging experience. Charging has been made faster, and with the addition of a Vapor Injection Heat Pump (VIHP) near the motors, you’ll also see less power consumption, a boon for those hauling or towing long distances or those who don’t want to power up as often. You’ll love being able to go longer distances without stopping to charge. You can cruise the highway without worrying about finding a public charging station in the middle of nowhere.

ProPower OnBoard Generator

Two updates that go hand in hand are the ProPower Onboard Generator activation timing and the now standard keyless entry. If you’ve ever used an onboard generator to power your micro-fridge, laptop, or work tools? You’ll be delighted to learn that you no longer have to turn your F-150 all the way on to use the generator. Instead, it will be available for you to use as soon as you unlock the pickup, and now that keyless entry is standard, you won’t have to waste time fiddling with keys, starting up the motor, or prepping the generator. You can work in your truck stress-free.


Another update for the Ford F-150 Lightning is a new version of the Ford BlueCruise hands-free driver assistance software. The newest iteration, the BlueCruise 1.2, is the latest and greatest of Ford’s hands-free driving experience features and will help you maintain your focus while taking some of the responsibility off your shoulders. You can keep your eyes on the road, get comfortable, and enjoy the ride instead of always clinging to the wheel. Got your sights set on a 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning? Wait until you hear about its towing and payload capacity – you’ll want to drive over to the dealership today and claim yours before they’re all sold!


A red 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown towing a camper trailer on a dusty dirt road.

What would a pickup be without the ability to haul and tow? People worldwide have utilized pickups for small businesses, work trucks, construction vehicles, and recreational purposes like camping, hunting, and fishing trips. Whatever you use your Ford F-150 Lightning for, you’ll be happy to know that the electrified version provides an impressive capacity for all your hauling and towing needs, no matter how often you decide to pick up, drop off, or carry around the necessities and occasional larger items.

Payload Capacity

If you’re hauling equipment, gear, or large items, you’ll have between 1,800 lbs – 2,000 lbs payload capacity to work with. What can you haul with a payload of this size? Construction materials, large household items such as washers and dryers, gardening equipment and supplies, and more. Unless you’re looking to haul massive items for long distances, you’ll have room for just about anything you want or need to haul in the Lightning.

Towing Capacity

Regarding towing abilities, the Lightning can handle between 7,700 lbs and 10,000 lbs, again depending on whether you outfit your F-150 with a standard or extended battery. What that means is that you can tow both recreational vehicles like pop-up campers, teardrop trailers, motorcycles, dirt bikes, four-wheelers, and smaller boats and utility trailers at the low end, and at the high end, you have enough capacity to tow larger recreational vehicles like fifth wheel RVs, tiny homes, and larger boats, or you can task the Lightning with towing your larger and heavier work equipment like machines, concrete, and other supplies.

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Check Out the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Today

As promised, the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning provides you with a host of benefits, including over 40% less money spent on scheduled maintenance visits than a gas-powered F-150, along with reduced power consumption, faster charging, and a combo of features in one special trim that you can get at a lower price than ever before, ensuring you have all the luxuries at the price you want. The Lightning might seem few and far between on the road right now, but before you know it, more drivers will be clamoring for a ride. Get ahead of the curve and grab your Ford F-150 Lightning today!

[a]MSRP may change without notice. See dealer for complete details.