A black 2024 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands is angled left.

The 2024 Ford Bronco Sport is following something of a pattern––a pattern of successful models. The Bronco Sport became a mainstay in Ford’s lineup once it was properly introduced to the masses when its older sibling, the Bronco, returned with more than a fresh coat of paint in 2020 with the launch of the 2021 Bronco and Bronco Sport. As for the Bronco Sport, it’s smaller than the vehicle upon which it draws its greatest aspirations, but it’s by design and provides a less wieldy frame and greater fuel efficiency while still providing capabilities suited for off-roading, as one would expect from a vehicle wielding the Bronco moniker.

There are some differences between the Bronco Sport and its older sibling, including a four-door configuration and, most notably, a unibody construction as opposed to the body-on-frame construction of the Bronco. This immediately makes the Bronco Sport an ample vehicle for domestic travel, as its construction is more akin to a traditional SUV than the truck-like design of the traditional Bronco. Especially for families, the 2024 Bronco Sport is a phenomenal choice.


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MSRP: $29,795[a]
Horsepower (hp): 250
Torque (lb-ft): 277 lb-ft
MPG (city/hwy): 25/29


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Great Performance

A red 2024 Ford Bronco Sport parked near a body of water.

The Base Powertrain

In its base configuration, the Bronco Sport is powered by a turbocharged 1.5L I-3 engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. 4WD also comes standard with the Bronco Sport, but fortunately, it doesn’t cause low fuel economy ratings like you may see on some other 4WD vehicles. The reason for this comes down to the conservative displacements of the engines, along with both of them being turbocharged. With the base engine, the 2024 Bronco Sport outputs 181 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque and also has a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 lbs.

With the 2024 Bronco Sport and its base engine, you’ll get EPA-estimated ratings of 25 MPG in the city, 29 MPG on the highway, and 26 MPG combined. Considering the size of the engine, the performance is stellar. Aside from the great horsepower, torque, and fuel economy ratings, the base 2024 Ford Bronco Sport, the Big Bend, comes with Ford’s Terrain Management System. The Terrain Management System includes five drive modes, known as GOAT modes, which stands for “Goes Over Any Type of Terrain.” The five GOAT modes include Normal, Eco, Sand, Slippery, and Sport. If you purchase the Badlands model, which not only comes with a twin-clutch rear drive unit for off-roading, it also includes Rock Crawl and Mud/Ruts to the Terrain Management System.

The 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 Option

The next available engine for the 2024 Bronco Sport is the turbocharged 2.0L I-4 engine. With the upgraded turbocharged engine, the Bronco Sport outputs 250 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque––a 38% increase in horsepower and a 46% increase in torque output. Fuel economy differs slightly between the two engines, most notably when driving in the city––the turbocharged 2.0L I-4 engine earns EPA-estimated ratings of 21 MPG in the city, 26 MPG on the highway, and 23 MPG combined.

To help retain fuel, the turbocharged 2.0L engine incorporates Start/Stop technology, meaning the engine turns on and off depending on whether your vehicle is in motion or not. The stronger engine also offers an increase in towing performance, going to a maximum of 2,200 lbs. With both engines, the Bronco Sport provides great off-roading results, especially with the likes of standard 4WD and the GOAT modes. Throw some all-terrain tires under the car, and you’ve got an SUV that has some real capabilities.

Exceptional Interior

The black interior and front seats of a 2024 Ford Bronco Sport.

Ample Room for Your Passengers

The 2024 Bronco Sport’s interior is built to help people stay safe and comfortable at all times, whether that’s during a family road trip or an off-road adventure. The Bronco Sport is a two-row SUV, so there’s a maximum passenger capacity of five people, and it’s plenty spacious, with a maximum passenger volume of 105.7 cu.ft. and 102.3 cu.ft. if your Bronco Sport has the available moonroof. Passenger volume doesn’t solely contribute to a comfortable seating experience for everyone aboard; head, leg, shoulder, and hip room all contribute to a cabin your friends and family will crave spending time in, and not the other way around.

Inside the 2024 Bronco Sport, you’ll notice the spaciousness right off the bat. As for how it translates to numbers, the front row of this subcompact SUV gives you and the front-seat passenger a maximum of 41.5 inches of headroom along with 42.4 inches of legroom and 55.2 and 57.3 inches of hip and shoulder room, respectively. You’d expect a comfortable seating experience in the Bronco Sport when you’re driving it, and that’s what you get. The passengers seated in the back will also be plenty accommodated, with 41.7 inches of headroom, 36.9 inches of legroom, 53.4 inches of hip room, and 55.6 inches of shoulder room.

Cargo Volume

The 2024 Bronco Sport is equipped to safely hold plenty of your belongings thanks to fantastic cargo space. The total cargo space you have slightly differs between Bronco Sport models with and without the moonroof, and the engine you’re equipped with also changes things up. If you have the 1.5L engine and a moonroof, you have an incredible 32.4 cu.ft. of space, which you can double to 65.2 cu.ft. if you fold down the back seats.

With the 2.0L engine, you’ll have between 29 cu.ft. and 60.1 cu.ft. of space, depending on whether the backseat is up. Lastly, if you don’t have the moonroof and you’re also equipped with a 1.5L engine, you’ll have between 32.5 and 65.2 cu.ft. of space depending on the backseat placement, while models with the 2.0L engine offer between 29.4 and 60.6 cu.ft. Ultimately, no matter which configuration you buy, cargo space is always suitable. It’s also worth mentioning that you also get an extra storage compartment under the passenger-side rear seat, and the center console is also roomy.

Comfortable Seating

The standard seats are stitched with high-quality cloth, and at the base level, the front seats include a 6-way manually adjustable driver’s seat and a 4-way manually adjustable passenger seat.

With the base trim, you can replace your manual driver’s seat with an 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat––heated seats are also available––if you want more variation in how you position your seat before driving, and the power controls are intuitive and easy to access on the fly. The 8-way power-adjustable seat comes standard on some higher-end trims, like the Badlands, and you can also opt for a 6-way power-adjustable passenger seat, which is worth buying if you drive with someone regularly, like a spouse or partner.

Fantastic Features

A silver 2024 Ford Bronco Sport is parked at a campsite.

The 2024 Ford Bronco Sport is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles you can purchase for the price. Even the base trim provides a technological wonderland of neat and intuitive standard and optional features. An example of an optional feature you can take advantage of for your 2024 Bronco Sport is a wireless charging pad for your phone, which is helpful and convenient. An example of one of the best tech features that every 2024 Bronco Sport trim comes with is an 8-inch SYNC 3 infotainment center. SYNC 3 remains one of Ford’s best infotainment systems, and the 2024 Bronco Sport makes full use of it.

The SYNC 3 infotainment center is advanced in the 2024 Bronco Sport, with the likes of enhanced voice recognition baked into the software. You can also opt for navigation software, which can also be voice-activated, or you can type in your directions via the touch screen. Do you already have a preferred navigation app on your phone? That is no problem because the 2024 Bronco Sport comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Smartphone Compatibility

With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, your phone can be projected onto your 2024 Bronco Sport’s SYNC 3 infotainment center so you can make or take phone calls, send or receive text messages without having to take your hands off the wheel, listen to your music from your subscribed music service, and use your preferred navigation app of choice. You’ll have access to SiriusXM radio in the 2024 Bronco Sport, which is perfect if you’re already a subscriber and may incentivize you to give it a try if you’ve never had a vehicle that supports it before.

Ford Co-Pilot360

What many would consider to be the most helpful tech feature the 2024 Bronco Sport has in store is the standard Ford Co-Pilot360. Every Bronco Sport has the means to keep you and your crew safe, thanks to some of the most advanced safety features––even ones that other manufacturers charge extra for––to date. BLIS(Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert is the perfect example because features with comparative results on competing brands often don’t incorporate the necessary sensors required to make features like BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert, but they’re here in full swing with the base-level 2024 Bronco Sport, meaning your vehicle alerts you of a bypassing vehicle’s presence when reversing out of a parking space, or if a vehicle is in your blind spot if you’re looking to switch lanes.

As part of the Ford Co-Pilot360, the 2024 Bronco Sport also has Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. With Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, your SUV will gauge whether or not you’re heading into a collision, and it’ll attempt to stop your vehicle for you if you haven’t done so already. Ford Co-Pilot 360 also has a Lane-Keeping System. Ford’s Lane-Keeping System is a multi-faceted feature that intelligently recognizes the lanes on the road using cameras. If you begin to drive into the opposing lane, even unknowingly, the Lane-Keeping System can provide rumble feedback to your steering wheel to get your attention and can even help slightly usher you back into the correct place.
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