The Ford Explorer: A Family Vehicle that Solves All Your Problems

A blue 2022 Ford Explorer ST parked on a cobblestone city street next to a cafe.

When you have a family, deciding on which vehicle to purchase can be a challenge as there are so many factors in play. Every member of the family has their own priorities and, therefore, will be eyeing different makes and models. Just bringing up that you’re looking for a new car can start some heated debate. Is there a way for everyone to be pleased? Surely, that’s impossible, right? You can never get unanimous agreement on where to go for dinner or what to do for summer vacation, let alone agree on a long-term change like a new ride.

Well, if you head down to your Ford Explorer dealership (Future Ford of Sacramento), you’ll find that your family actually can all agree on one thing: the Explorer is the SUV for them. It has infotainment systems to keep everyone entertained on long drives, safety features that let you travel while knowing your family is safe, and comfort so that no one feels squished together. The Explorer has been pleasing families since it debuted in 1990, and its latest models are no exception. Let’s take a look at why this SUV is sure to have your family agreeing it needs to be your next purchase.

Safety Features: Great for You and Great for New Drivers in Your Family

Exterior design, infotainment system, seating arrangements – they’re all important, but for a family, there’s nothing more imperative than a stellar safety system. No one wants to sacrifice for safety features when their family is involved. Whether you are driving your kids along California’s winding highways or your child is taking the Explorer out to learn how to drive, you want to know that your family members are as safe as possible. The Explorer can promise that.

Ford has equipped the Explorer with FordCo-Pilot360 technology, which gives the SUV a level of awareness that can back you up while you’re on the move. You’ll feel like there’s a second pair of eyes on the road while you drive (although your eyes should still be firmly on it, too).

The FordCo-Pilot360 gives you the expected rear camera view that lets you see not just cars behind you but any potential obstacle, such as a discarded bike. You, of course, want to look carefully behind you, too, but the rear camera grants you a better sense of control of your vehicle. It can help if one of your children is learning how to drive, too, as they’ll have the camera for a sense of guidance when they back the SUV up. Cross Traffic Alert also uses the SUV’s sensors so you know what’s going on in your blindspots. Even the most experienced driver can be betrayed by a blindspot, which means this feature will dramatically reduce the odds of a collision.

Lane Keeping Assist lets you know if you’re drifting out of your lane. It also will update you that it’s time to take a break (by displaying a coffee cup!) if you drive out of your lane too often, as that’s usually a sign of driver fatigue. It’s great for kids learning to drive, as well, as it teaches them how easy it is to drift out of their lane if they are not giving the SUV their full attention. The best feature for both you and any children in your family learning to drive is the Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. This feature senses an incoming collision and will begin the braking process before your foot even hits the brakes. This extra second of reaction time can save your SUV from damage and your family from injury. It’s also perfect if the driver is a young one whose instincts aren’t yet honed. The Automatic Emergency Braking can step in for them.

A close up of the digital dash and center console of a 2022 Ford Explorer King Ranch

Comfort for Everyone

A family vacation can be ruined if someone doesn’t feel comfortable on the ride. Suddenly, the ride’s music isn’t a great song but someone’s constant complaints.

Luckily, the Ford Explorer puts comfort at the top of its list and has an interior designed to make certain no passenger’s comfort has to be sacrificed. Plus, the Explorer can seat up to seven people. If you have less onboard, then you can fold the rear seats in order to give yourself more storage room if you have a lot of luggage onboard.

Your passengers will also be able to enjoy a sunroof if you opt for a trim that offers one. With a view of the sky, passengers are less likely to feel like they are trapped and instead feel like they are being given an experience.

The infotainment system can be paired with a B&O sound system by Bang & Olufsen, so everyone in the SUV feels like they’re at a concert. It’s like your whole family will have front-row seats to see their favorite artists.

Great for Long Drives and Wilderness Vacations

When looking at Ford Explorers for sale, keep in mind that this SUV can tow quite a bit, so you don’t have to be concerned about making tough calls on what to leave behind. Depending on the trim, you can tow well over 5,000 pounds. This is especially useful if you’re planning to take a camping trip; you can bring along the comforts of home so even the least outdoor-friendly passenger can have a great time.

Depending on what type of traveling you plan to do, you can also pick an Explorer trim that matches your lifestyle. From a V6 engine that gives you 400 horsepower to a hybrid option, the Explorer can deliver the engine perfect for what you need to do on the road.

A silver 2023 Ford Explorer parallel parking on the side of a city street.

Learning the Ins and Outs of Your SUV

The safety features discussed above are great when you have a teenager behind the wheel, but there’s something even better for your family: Ford Performance ST SUV Experience Driving School. If you opt for the ST trim, you will be given a chance to attend the SUV Experience Driving School. At this exclusive event, you will learn just how exciting your SUV is, which will let you thrill your family and allow you to drive knowing you understand every inch of your Explorer. It will also give you the chance to meet with fellow driving enthusiasts and create lifelong friendships.

Future Ford of Sacramento an Explorer Waiting for You

At Future Ford of Sacramento, we have long been excited about the Explorer. We have seen family after family buy both new and Certified Pre-Owned Ford Explorers and go away thrilled with their decision. In our experience, a family that buys an Explorer becomes lifelong fans of that SUV. When it’s time for a new SUV, they don’t have a decision to make: they know they’ll just go with another Explorer.

Raising a family can be tough. Many of us at Future Ford of Sacramento have done it ourselves. With the Explorer, you can make it a little bit easier. Thanks to our knowledge of the area and of the Ford Explorer, we’ll be able to help put you in an Explorer that matches all of your needs and lets you live the life you and your family have long dreamed about having. Stop by Future Ford of Sacramento or give us a call as soon as you can and solve all of your family’s automobile problems.


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