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Davis drivers understand the value of having an excellent vehicle to get around this beautiful city in Northern California. Whether they plan on using their vehicle for daily driving, commuting to nearby Sacramento, or for family use, they need to have one that is reliable, fuel-efficient, safe, and affordable. Fortunately, Ford has the trucks, electric vehicles (EVs), and SUVs ideal for motorists who call Davis home. This is because Ford has been at the forefront of making quality models that can be bought or leased new or used for a reasonable amount and will hold their value over time.


If you are looking for a Ford dealer near Davis, then Future Ford of Sacramento is the place to go. We are just a quick 15-mile drive up I-80, so you can come in any time you are ready to buy your next new or used Ford. We offer an extensive selection of models to choose from, so you know that you will have no problem finding the Ford truck, EV, or SUV that you want. Our team of friendly sales people looks forward to helping you drive home to Davis in your next Ford from us.


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Our Extensive Selection of New Ford Models Has Something for Every Driver


Ford stands at the forefront of producing quality new vehicles for Davis drivers like you. This is especially true when it comes to technological innovation. Each new Ford model comes with a comprehensive suite of active driver assistance features. These will help you avoid a collision or reduce the risk of passenger injury in unavoidable accidents. Ford has also equipped every new Ford model with its innovative infotainment system that allows you to connect your smartphone with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto. This lets you stream your favorite entertainment through your Ford’s sound system while making hands-free calls and texts.


If you are a commuter, Ford has some great options for you. The Escape compact SUV gets exceptional fuel economy in a sporty model that is fun to drive. If you like more room inside your SUV, the midsize Ford Edge will get you to work in style every morning. For drivers with a need for speed, the Ford Mustang remains one of the coolest and fastest front-engine sports cars available today. Meanwhile, the Ford Maverick compact truck gives outstanding gas mileage, especially if you go with the standard hybrid powertrain. In addition, the Maverick comes with a crew cab, giving you plenty of room for up to five passengers, along with a very useful payload bed for your belongings.


A grey 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor is shown from the side while off-road.


Speaking of hybrids, the brand has positioned itself with one of the largest selections of hybrids and battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). If you want to get unrivaled fuel economy in a Ford Escape, you can opt for a standard hybrid or a plug-in hybrid model that gives you the convenience of recharging the battery at home or any public DC fast charging station. Ford also offers the F-150 midsize pickup truck with an available hybrid engine. This will give you incredible fuel economy in a truck that is a leader in towing and hauling. This is probably why the Ford F-150 is the best-selling passenger vehicle in America.


If you want to reduce your fuel consumption to zero while eliminating your vehicle’s greenhouse gas emissions, you can choose a Ford BEV. The F-150 Lightning is a BEV full-size truck with exceptional acceleration that does not compromise on towing and hauling despite not using a drop of gasoline. For those who prefer an SUV, the Mustang Mach-E is a compact SUV that earns the Mustang name by providing incredible speed and acceleration in a very sporty design. When you buy a Ford EV, you may be eligible for tax breaks. If you are considering making your next model a Ford EV, you should factor this into your budget calculation.


Many drivers love to use SUVs as family vehicles, while others prefer these rugged models for outdoor adventures. Ford gives you the best of both worlds. The three-row Explorer and Expedition provide the roominess you need if you have a growing family. The Explorer is a midsize model with better maneuverability, while the Expedition is a full-size SUV, providing you with substantial passenger and cargo space. Each can seat over seven passengers so you can bring your kids and their friends along. If you are someone who loves to supersize things, then the Expedition MAX is probably the one for you.


When it comes to adventure, the Bronco and Bronco Sport are two four-wheel drive standard SUVs that look great on the road and deliver off-road adventure as well. If you want to take your friends or family off-roading at some of the great trails near Davis, then the Bronco and Bronco Sport are the ones for you. Ford has built its reputation in large part on its trucks. Whether you want a light-duty truck like a Maverick or Ranger or need to do some heavy lifting in an F-150 or a Ford Super Duty, we can provide you with the right truck. Best of all, every Ford truck is equally good for work or as a family vehicle, as Ford doesn’t skimp on the comfort and convenience features of each pickup truck.


We Also Have a Great Selection of Used Ford Models


One of the best ways to get behind the wheel of a Ford is to buy one used. We feature a vast inventory of used Ford models, giving you the chance to get an exceptional Ford car, truck, SUV, or EV at a great price. If you are looking to either save on your next Ford or stretch your dollar further, then a used Ford may be right for you. This is because a used model can cost much less than a comparable new one.


When you buy a used Ford from us, you will receive a complimentary CARFAX vehicle history report. This provides you with vital information that will make it easier for you to decide on the used Ford model you want. The CARFAX will let you know about prior ownership, including how the vehicle was used. You will also get information on its service history, whether it was involved in an accident, and if there are any open recalls. The CARFAX will even give you confirmation of the mileage on the used Ford’s odometer.


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We Can Help With Leasing Your Next Ford and Trading in Your Current Vehicle


We have a very helpful financing team staff at our dealership. When you come in for your next Ford, they will let you know the terms for any lease deal. For many drivers, leasing a new Ford may make the most sense. This is a way to get a new Ford without having to take on the entire cost of the vehicle. For the most part, you will lease your Ford for at least 36 months, with the amount of maximum annual mileage having an effect on your monthly payment. Our finance team member will review all the pros and cons to help you decide if leasing your Ford makes the most sense for your lifestyle and usage.


If you have a current vehicle, we can go over your trade-in options. Some Davis drivers choose to sell us the vehicle instead of using it for a trade-in. These are often folks with more than one vehicle and have decided to downsize their fleet. Others realize that you get more for your current vehicle when you trade it in for your next Ford from us. We will inspect your vehicle and give you a fair price for the trade-in. You can then use this toward the price of your next new or used Ford. If you plan to lease, you can use the trade-in for the down payment and reduce your monthly payments.


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Helping Davis Drivers Get Behind the Wheel of Their Perfect Ford Vehicle


Choosing the right model can involve picking the brand that has the type of vehicle you want and finding a dealership that can deliver. When you come to our Ford dealership, you will get both. We carry the full lineup of new Ford models, including EVs that will have you saying goodbye to the gas stations. In addition, we offer a vast inventory of used Ford models, giving you a very economical way to buy your next Ford. Our friendly sales staff will be happy to discuss all of your options and help you decide on the new or used Ford that is right for you.


Most of our customers from Davis are interested in exploring their financing options. We offer many lease and loan options, each on competitive terms designed to fit your budget. Our finance team members will be happy to go over them with you so that you can decide on the best one for you.


When it comes time to service your Ford, bring it here. Our service and parts department features a team of trained technicians who can assist you with everything from routine oil changes to major repairs. We use only genuine OEM parts, so you know that the job is getting done right. Make the short drive from Davis today and drive home with your next new or used Ford car, truck, SUV, or EV from Future Ford of Sacramento!