A black and white photo of the fifteen millionth Ford Model T driving in a parade.

Did you know that Henry Ford isn’t only credited with designing the Model T and giving Americans the freedom of travel? He also revolutionized the automotive industry with the implementation of the assembly line and, later in his life, developed the first and only car made of soybean-based plastic. This spirit of innovation continues today and is something you’ll see firsthand at Future Ford of Sacramento, your West Sacramento Ford dealership.

Henry Ford’s many innovations laid the foundation for the Ford Motor Company and its role in revolutionizing how we live and work in America. The Model T introduced us to more efficient and expansive travel, and every model since has built on this concept. Trucks like the F-Series make our jobs easier as rugged workhorses, while sports cars like the Mustang nimbly satisfy our need for speed. SUVs like the Explorer and Expedition offer the space we need for our growing families, while icons like the Bronco can navigate every adventure on and off the trail.

Are you ready to invest in Henry Ford’s vision and see how a Ford can improve your life and your time on the road? When you need a West Sacramento Ford dealership, visit Future Ford of Sacramento. We’ll introduce you to everything the Ford lineup has to offer, welcome you into the legendary Blue Oval family, and deliver a customer experience like no other. That’s a guarantee!


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Working Hard for You

Do you need an agile truck like the Ranger or a more capable workhorse like the F-150 or the F-250? Does an Expedition, Edge, or Explorer better suit your family, or are you in the market for an off-road adventurer like the Bronco? Whatever you’re looking for, the team at Future Ford of Sacramento is here to help.

As your Ford authority, our team is well versed in every car, truck, and SUV in the Ford lineup. We share your excitement and passion for the Ford brand, but this isn’t what sets us apart. We’re here to work hard for you and to help you find the perfect Ford for your needs. For us, that means approaching the entire car-buying process in a unique way.

Taking a cue from Henry Ford himself, we analyzed the problems with the traditional car-buying process and developed a new, customer-focused solution. Too many dealerships focus on high-pressure sales tactics, which is easy when teams are driven by commissions and monthly quotas. However, this shifts the focus from the customer to the sale, even if it’s not in the customer’s best interest. That’s a significant problem for us because it doesn’t reflect our priority – you, our customer.

Ford’s reputation in the automotive industry sells itself, which allows us to focus entirely on you and your needs. We’re here to build a meaningful relationship with you and get to know more about what you want and need in your next Ford. This allows us to tailor the process to you whether you’re looking for a capable road warrior like the F-150, the adventurous Bronco Sport, or the road-hungry Mustang. We’re not here to upsell you a model you don’t need; we’re here to listen so that you drive home in a Ford that’s perfect for you and keeps a smile on your face.

A yellow 2022 Ford Maverick driving past a field after leaving a West Sacramento Ford dealership.

Ford Lineup: You’ve Got Options

While Ford got its start with the Model T that ultimately put the world on wheels, the automaker eventually expanded its lineup to match the growing demands of drivers. Ford vehicles like the Model TT truck replaced the trusty steeds once used on farms and transformed rural America just as the Model T proved its practicality in industries and blossoming urban centers from coast to coast. These models set the stage for the revolutionary Ford lineup you’ll find today at our West Sacramento Ford dealership. So, what can you expect?

The Model TT ultimately laid the foundation for modern marvels like the Ranger, F-Series, and Maverick, the latter of which is the first-ever standard full hybrid truck in America. The F-Series, which is the best-selling truck in America, continues to prove its capability with models like the F-150 and its Super Duty counterparts that can get any job done whether you need to tow a heavy trailer or haul equipment in the bed. They’re reliable and dependable, but most importantly, they’re built Ford tough.

If you need a different type of capability, Ford gives you plenty of options with its diverse lineup of SUVs and crossovers. You’ll find everything from compact models like the EcoSport and Escape to the Bronco Sport and the Mustang Mach-E. For growing families who need more room, it’s hard to beat best-sellers like the Edge, Explorer, and Expedition, all of which effortlessly balance their size and spaciousness with efficiency and performance.

Ford’s lineup of trucks and SUVs often share the spotlight, but Ford knows that there are plenty of customers who aren’t looking for a capable workhorse or a family-hauler. These customers are looking for legendary power and performance, both of which are the heart and soul of an icon like the Mustang. Still proving its impeccable capability since its debut in the 1960s, the Mustang has the heart of a warrior and can match your need for speed wherever the road takes you.

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Our Award-Winning Dealership

We don’t want to be a great dealership; we want to set the standard of excellence for Ford dealerships throughout the region and beyond. To do that, we roll out the red carpet for every customer to deliver the best car-buying experience possible. This dedication and our unique approach to the entire car-buying process earned us Ford’s prestigious President’s Award, which is the highest honor for customer satisfaction and sales volume.

We know firsthand that every customer comes to us with a unique set of needs that extends beyond what they want or can afford in their next Ford. Some customers are looking for the safest option for their growing family, while others are looking for an efficient commuter that will get them to and from work without costing a fortune to refuel. What sets us apart is that we take the time to understand these needs and tailor the process to you. That means showing you the inventory that works best for your budget just as much as it means giving you the freedom to shop our virtual showroom and start the buying process online so that you can spend more time with your family and less time with us.
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The Ford of Your Future Is Here

Have you ever walked the red carpet? More importantly, have you ever enjoyed buying a vehicle? If you answered “no,” then it’s time to venture over to Future Ford of Sacramento, where we roll out the red carpet for every customer that walks through the door. For us, rolling out the red carpet means putting the excitement back into the car-buying and car-owning process. We believe that buying and owning a Ford should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. To ensure this, we guarantee a hassle-free environment where our team is entirely focused on you and your needs, whether you’re working with our sales team or our certified service technicians.

What do you love most about Ford, and what’s the Ford of your dreams? Get ready to answer those questions when you head over to Future Ford of Sacramento. Why? Because we’re here to do everything in our power to bring your Ford dreams to life.