Mobilizing Your Business With Ford Pro Software Solutions

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Owning and running a business is not for the faint of heart, with business owners and managers tasked with wearing many hats as they serve customers and lead employees. Sometimes, those responsibilities include establishing a commercial fleet, like shopping for Ford work trucks for sale to mobilize your business. Fortunately, Ford is well-versed in helping businesses, from offering exceptional work trucks that are capable and reliable to integrating business-friendly tools like Ford Pro Intelligence software solutions.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of building or adding to your commercial fleet, especially when it means shopping for a capable workhorse like a Ford work truck or cargo van. However, as a commercial Ford dealer, we know the significance of having Ford Pro Intelligence at your fingertips. The software system is essential to helping you manage your fleet, from overseeing routine maintenance needs to boosting productivity and even lowering operational costs. Here’s a closer look at how the software works and why it’s a must-have for our customers looking to take their businesses to the next level.

Software Designed and Integrated With Ford’s Commercial Fleet

Fleet management software is a staple among business owners, but this third-party software is typically an aftermarket option that requires additional time and money spent on installation, training, and upgrades. Because of this, your business and bottom line suffer, but they don’t have to when you invest in a Ford work truck. The Ford Pro Intelligence software has an advantage because it’s designed by Ford for the Blue Oval lineup. Each commercial vehicle is outfitted with an embedded modem that gives you seamless access to the Ford Pro Intelligence software. You don’t have to spend extra on installation or upgrades, making setup hassle-free and budget-friendly.

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The Ford Pro Dashboard: Knowledge Is Power

As a business owner or manager, you know that knowledge is power. You don’t randomly price your services or do business without studying the competition or knowing the intricacies and needs of the market. So, why would you do the same with your commercial fleet?

The Ford Pro Intelligence software puts everything you need to know about your fleet at your fingertips. The Ford Pro dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, eliminating the steep learning curve of other third-party software suites. From the dashboard, you can quickly see your fleet and gather vital information, from how many vehicles are on the road to those that need maintenance scheduled.

Maintenance Made Easy to Keep Your Fleet on the Job

Ford recognizes that your business suffers any time your fleet isn’t on the road. Fortunately, the Ford Pro Intelligence software minimizes downtime by serving as a central hub for maintenance and service needs. You can see which vehicles need service and schedule those service appointments with our dealership from the Ford Pro software. This convenience eliminates the need to maintain mileage and service logs because the vehicle health diagnostics are within the software, meaning you can access this data from anywhere.

But why is this access so critical? Think about what happens when one of your work trucks is out for service. The truck is long overdue for an oil change, and you’ve just learned that the delay has caused other engine-related issues. You’re faced with increasing repair expenses, and your business suffers because the truck is stuck in the garage. The Ford Pro Intelligence software mitigates these situations, helping you stay on top of routine maintenance to keep your fleet on the job and save you more money by extending the longevity and performance of your vehicles.

Next-Level Insights With Ford Pro Telematics

Ford Pro Telematics is another integral tool for business owners and is a significant component of the Ford Pro Intelligence software. While the Ford Pro dashboard is a hub of information, Ford Pro Telematics extends that data further and gives you a front-row seat to each vehicle in your fleet. If you add Ford Pro Telematics with a dashcam, you literally have a front-row seat in your Ford work trucks. But what makes the Telematics system so important?

Ford Pro Telematics gives you more information about and control over your fleet. For example, the dashboard offers real-time data about the vehicles, from vehicle health insights and service tracking to GPS fleet tracking, geofencing, fuel efficiency analysis, trip history, location history, and more. Now, think about these tools relative to your business and operational costs. What do we mean?

Your business is constantly moving forward as long as your fleet is on the road. Ford Pro Telematics gives you more information to streamline operations, boost productivity, and heighten safety. With historical logs that account for the location of each vehicle in your fleet, you can assess how effectively your team manages their time behind the wheel and responds to your customers’ needs. Likewise, you can monitor how much time the engine idles and how much fuel is consumed, even setting speed and geographical limitations to reduce excessive operational costs.

Someone is shown using Ford Pro fleet management software.

Visibility Built-In: Ford Pro Telematics With Dashcam

There are always two sides to every story, whether you’re resolving a disagreement among employees or handling a fleet-related issue that ended in a collision. As a business owner or manager, it’s sometimes hard to get the full story or know precisely what happened, even when employees give an honest account of the incident. There’s always the question of objectivity.

Ford acknowledges as much with its advanced Ford Pro Telematics software and integrated dashcam. The dashcam is an accountability partner, a coaching tool, and a recorder to help your business and drivers succeed. With the dashcam, Ford Pro Telematics uses road and cabin-facing lenses to capture footage in and outside the vehicle. The system constantly records in 1080P HD, but your drivers can timestamp critical moments using an Event Trigger Button, making it easy to reference the incident later. This footage gives you a clearer picture of the incident, mitigating blame and liability.

Beyond providing evidence during incidents, the Ford Pro Telematics with the Dashcam is also designed to help your drivers succeed and gain confidence behind the wheel. While there isn’t a steep learning curve to operating a fleet vehicle, some drivers are more skilled than others. The dashcam gives you insights into areas where drivers may need more coaching, such as consistently speeding or inattentiveness, as they focus on their cell phones rather than the road ahead. With footage of these events, you can bring these actions to their attention, even rewarding improvements based on Driver Reports tracked via the software. Because of this, you’re reinforcing good driving habits and giving your drivers the tools they need to succeed as fleet operators.

Mobilizing Your Business for Success

Taking your business on the road is exciting but can also be overwhelming and intimidating. Suddenly, you’re not only managing a team, but you’re overseeing a fleet of vehicles that require constant attention. Luckily, Ford makes it easier by integrating its Ford Pro Intelligence software across its commercial lineup. From the intuitive dashboard to the extensive insights offered by Ford Pro Telematics, managing your commercial fleet of Ford work trucks has never been easier. Everything you need is at your fingertips, giving you more time to focus on your customers and employees as you grow your business and bring your professional dreams to life.


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