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A Ford EV charger is shown up close with a 2024 Ford Lightning in the background.

In recent years, the auto landscape has seen an amazing shift towards sustainability and efficiency. The emergence of hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) trucks has made it possible for business owners to easily transition their fleets for increased production and savings, all while reducing their environmental impact. Sounds good, right? Whether you’re a small or large business, when you’re looking at Ford work trucks for sale, you can’t go wrong. When you want to get the most bang for your buck long-term without cutting corners, going green with the Blue Oval is a great investment.

Initially, the cost of investing in new vehicles might seem higher, but when you analyze potential savings and benefits over time, you’ll see that making the change to cleaner vehicles is a smart move. Many states now offer a variety of incentives to help businesses transition to green energy; this includes their fleets. With increased power and performance, a brand like Ford is the ideal green machine for light-duty and heavy-duty jobs. Overall, it’s easier to predict the costs associated with EVs than for gas and diesel vehicles, making it simpler for businesses to budget.

Still not convinced? Because many trucks are subject to stop-and-go conditions on work sites or in urban environments, EV and hybrid trucks are more efficient when it comes to power. Not only that, but the vehicles tend to be quieter than your typical truck. This is good news for employees and urban dwellers who don’t always want to be woken up by the rumble of diesel engines at 6 AM. Brands like Ford add to the convenience factor with trucks offering Onboard power sources that allow workers to use the vehicle as a portable generator to power lights or tools needed on site.

The benefits of transitioning your fleet with Ford’s hybrid or EV models are undeniable. From long-term benefits like fuel and maintenance savings to reducing your carbon emissions and environmental impact to improving your business’s public image, upgrading your fleet is a great move no matter how you look at it. If you’re not yet familiar with Ford’s green options for your business, it’s worth investigating. More businesses are embracing the hybrid/EV revolution and making goals to progress toward a more sustainable future. Making the leap with Ford is a positive step you can take right now that benefits your business and the planet.

The Hybrid Magic of the Maverick

Ford has been sweeping the news with its hybrid trucks, especially the Maverick hybrid. The 4-door compact pickup hybrid made up 48% of Maverick truck sales in April of 2022, less than a year after it was released. For drivers who need smart and efficient trucks for jobs that don’t require a heavy hand, the Maverick hybrid promises plenty of capability and savings in a compact package. The smaller nature of the Maverick hybrid makes it ideal for cramped urban spaces that can present a challenge to larger vehicles. They make a great fleet option for businesses that don’t need heavy-duty payload or towing capacities.

The Maverick is impressive in more ways than one. Drivers will appreciate that even with a fully loaded bed, the Maverick hybrid still manages to deliver around 40 MPG. The Maverick also boasts the most affordable price when compared to other hybrid trucks in its class, making it a value machine for owners. The current 2024 brand-new entry-level model can be had at under $24k, with the deluxe LARIAT trim available at under $35k.[a] That’s right, the hybrid powertrain is available across three trims, which keeps things flexible for shoppers who have specific needs in mind.

The available 191 hp 2.5L hybrid engine gives you around 2,000 lbs of standard towing potential, allowing you plenty of efficiency without compromising performance. The small, light body of the model lends to its high fuel economy and makes it a great candidate for business owners. The latest 2024 Maverick comes standard with two 12V electric leads plus the option to add on two available 110V outlets in the cab and bed for increased versatility in the field. The standard 54.4-inch cargo bed provides ample room for gear, tools, and essentials. The multi-position tailgate delivers flexible positions to make loading, unloading, and hauling various sizes of cargo simple. The Maverick hybrid is a small truck that offers big savings for business owners needing a compact truck to join their fleet.

The F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Is a Beast

The F-150 already claimed the title as America’s best-selling truck, so of course, its Powerboost hybrid option is going to be appealing to business owners who want lots of performance and lots of savings. The PowerBoost excels on every level and makes the F-150 one of the most efficient full-size trucks on the market.

For those looking to increase the efficiency of their fleet, the PowerBoost offers you the best of both worlds. The F-150 hybrid boasts class-exclusive advanced technology for increased power and performance that puts the model ahead of the pack. The 430 hp 3.5L Powerboost V6 hybrid engine is capable of 570 lb-ft of torque and a max towing capacity of 12,700 lbs.

The standard Pro Power Onboard is class-exclusive and takes your truck from a simple daily driver to a coworker you can count on in the field. The Pro Power Onboard works as a mobile generator that offers three available outlets throughout the cab and bed, a 2.0kW, 2.4kW, and a 7.2kW for plenty of flexibility. To keep track of your truck’s wattage, monitor it using the infotainment system with SYNC 4 in the cabin or on your phone using the FordPass App. From a sander to a TV, the F-150 Powerboost is capable of running the show when you need it.

A silver 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown plugged into a garage after leaving a dealer that has Ford work trucks for sale.

Ride the Lighting Like a Pro With Ford

Last but not least, the Ford truck we can’t go past is the revolutionary Ford Lightning Pro. If there was ever one truck you needed to add to your fleet lineup it is the Lightning. This truck was made for commercial use; from its power to its efficiency, if you’re going to electrify your fleet, the Ford Lightning is your best option.

The Ford Lighting Pro model was especially aimed at business owners who are interested in upgrading their work trucks to electric models. With a standard battery and 4WD, the current Lightning Pro is capable of 240 miles per charge. Upgrade with an extended battery to get an increased range of around 300 miles per charge. And if you’re thinking such a beast is slow, gone are the days of the gas-guzzling truck that takes forever to reach 50 mph. The Lightning comes to impress, taking drivers 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds, all with zero carbon emissions. When all is said and done, the Lightning Pro’s power potential outdoes any F-150 before it.

Many states have or are in the process of passing zero-emission guidelines, so to get ahead of the curve, many businesses are making the change to power up their fleets with electricity. Ford, along with a 2022 Department of Energy study, supports the claim that the Lightning’s low cost of maintenance and charging makes the model a great investment for drivers. Not only that, but the entry-level Pro is designed for whatever work you throw at it, thanks to its smart cabin tech and beefy exterior that shows off plenty of muscle.

The interior boasts durable vinyl seating while a Mega Power Frunk (a front trunk) increases cargo space and can handle up to 400 lbs, or roughly 4 bags of Portland Concrete. As for the Pro Power Onboard? You can bet that’s standard. Expect enough power to keep your house, campground, or work site going for up to three days! The Ford Lightning works in combination with the available Ford EV Telematics suite. This app is specifically designed for commercial use and helps owners keep track of their fleet’s charging status, location, and more to help their businesses run a little smoother.

Two people are shown loading tools into the frunk of a 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning.

Power Up Your Fleet’s Productivity With Ford

The commercial auto market is evolving, and it’s important to stay flexible so your business doesn’t get left behind. Transitioning your fleet to hybrid or electric power with Ford isn’t just smart; it’s a strategic move that can yield a lot of benefits for fleet owners. Society, in general, is moving towards greener sources of power, so making the change doesn’t just look good on paper. It also takes your fleet’s capabilities to new levels to increase overall productivity.

Ford’s commitment to green power and top-tier performance places its hybrid and EV trucks front and center when it comes to innovation. Their noteworthy lineup of clean vehicles offers businesses a chance to get on board and ride the green wave, all without sacrificing capability or costing them a fortune.

Let’s face it: hybrid and electric vehicles aren’t just a trend; they are here to stay. The market is expanding every year, and Ford is leading the pack. The benefits of upgrading your vehicles far outweigh the costs. Making the move to cleaner energy with hybrid or electric vehicles means supercharging your fleet’s power potential and efficiency while unlocking plenty of long-term savings.

Whether you’re considering transitioning to a hybrid or going full electric, Ford makes it easy and affordable. With charging as simple as plugging in your phone and power delivered to your fingertips, savvy business owners are experiencing firsthand the countless benefits they get when they decide to go green with Ford.

[a] MSRP may change without notice. See dealer for complete details.


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