Check Out the Ford E-Transit for Your Business’ Cargo Needs

A grey 2022 Ford E-Transit is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a dealer that has a cargo van for sale.

If you run a business, then you know how much of a difference having the right vehicles in your fleet can make. When your day-to-day operations involve transporting tons of products, equipment, tools, or materials from one job site to the next, you need a specialized vehicle that’s up to the challenge. If you’re looking for a cargo van for sale that will help streamline your business operations and make every day go a little smoother, we’d love to show you the Ford E-Transit, an all-electric cargo van that gives you the power to do more. Here’s a look at this excellent fleet vehicle.

Cut Fuel Costs Out of Your Business Budget

Between payroll, supplies, and warehouse space, there are a lot of expenses involved in running a business. When you make the switch to an electric cargo van, you can take fuel costs off the monthly budget. These all-electric cargo vans can plug into charging ports installed right at your business, so your drivers can skip the high cost of filling up a large vehicle gas tank. The charging port for the E-Transit is conveniently located in the center of the front grille. So, if your company garage is too tight for charging ports in the side walls, you can place them at a back wall for easier access.

Turn Your Van Into Portable Power

If your drivers visit remote job sites where there might not be any outlets, they can turn the E-Transit into its own source of power. Add the available Pro Power Onboard and get 2.4kW of power right in your van. With that type of power on the go, your crew can plug all sorts of appliances in, from power tools to stereos, wherever they are, so there’s never a delay in tasks.

A man is shown plugging in a grey 2022 Ford E-Transit.

Customize Your Van for Your Needs

We understand that different businesses require different cargo spaces and a variety of interior options. That’s why we love how customizable the Ford E-Transit van is. The Ford E-Transit comes in three available heights: low roof, medium roof, and high roof. If you want the most efficient model to get you the vehicle’s best electric range, the low roof is your best pick. However, if you need a cargo area tall enough for workers to stand up in, the high roof is your better choice. The medium roof model offers a nice blend of solid electric range and interior cargo space. Consider how your team will utilize the cargo van and how much interior space they need.

The van also comes in three lengths: Regular, Long, and Extended Long. We can walk you through the specific dimensions of each one at our dealership. We’ll take our time understanding what type of work you’ll be doing with your van to assist you in making your selection. For professionals who carry out tasks within the cargo area, like mobile pet groomers, we typically recommend a high roof so your staff can comfortably stand up inside. However, for those who’ll just be transporting goods and don’t need to get into the cargo area for extended periods, the low roof should meet your needs. In addition to the van’s size, you can customize its interior. The E-Transit is available with a number of shelving options, including foldable and fixed shelving at different levels. Turn your van’s cargo area into a mobile workshop or office with customizable shelving options.

Several Entry Options

The Ford E-Transit offers your staff two ways to access the cargo: a power sliding side door and two swing-out rear doors. If your team needs to park the van in close quarters and can’t access it through the side door, they can easily swing open the rear doors and get to all of their tools. Plus, if you choose to line all of the interior walls with shelving and other accessories, you’ll want to keep the side door shut, and those rear doors will come in handy.

On days when someone parks too close to the rear of your van, making it impossible to open the back doors, just access your cargo through the side door. Having multiple cargo entryways means that business can continue to go off without a hitch, even when you aren’t sure what the parking conditions will be at your job sites. Drivers can open the power sliding side door in three ways: through a button on the keyfob, a button on the door handle, or a button on the instrument panel.

Monitor Your Fleet With FordPro E-Telematics

For your first three years of owning your Ford E-Transit, you’ll enjoy a subscription to FordPro E-Telematics. This smart system helps you monitor your fleet, providing charge status, software updates, and even usage reports for all of your vans. If you need to track where your vans go and what condition they’re in, you’ll love the insight FordPro E-Telematics provides.

Infotainment to Keep Your Team Connected

The Ford E-Transit also enjoys a great suite of infotainment features. It gets the SYNC 4 system with available connected built-in navigation. So, the system has its own built-in GPS sensors and doesn’t rely on your phone data to find maps. That means that when your team leaves a service area, they won’t get lost — the navigation will continue to operate. SYNC 4 also gets excellent voice recognition technology. Your employees can keep their hands on the wheel and simply ask the system to do things like make calls and look up traffic information. Plus, it even has available built-in Alexa, giving your staff access to all of this smart system’s functions, like looking up weather reports and controlling smart devices.

A grey 2022 Ford E-Transit is shown from the front at an angle.

Your Drivers Will Stay Safe With Excellent Driver-Assist Features

The Ford E-Transit also gets a generous suite of driver-assist features to keep your team safe on the road. With Pre-Collision Assist, Hill Start Assist, a Lane Keeping System, and Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, the E-Transit can help ensure that your drivers are avoiding collisions and protecting your valuable fleet. When you can’t be there to monitor your employees’ driving habits yourself, at least you can get peace of mind knowing that the E-Transit’s driver-assist features are in place.

Check Out the Ford E-Transit Today at Future Ford of Sacramento

Need a great cargo van to keep your business running smoothly or scale your operations? We have the Ford E-Transit at Future Ford of Sacramento and would love to show it off to business owners and managers. Having the right vehicles in your fleet will maximize your daily operations and help your employees do their jobs more efficiently. We know how high the cost of gas can be for large vehicles like cargo vans. That’s why we know how valuable an all-electric option like the Ford E-Transit is to business owners who are watching their margins.

Our team is highly knowledgeable about this terrific cargo van and would love to help you decide which size and available features are right for you. We’ll work with you to get you a van or a fleet of vans for a price that’s in line with your company’s budget, and we’ll ensure you fully understand your options for installing charging ports at your business. Visit us today and add a Ford E-Transit to your fleet.


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