A Look at the 2024 Ford Transit Cargo Van

A white 2024 Ford Transit Cargo Van is shown from the front while towing a trailer.

If you have a business that transports a substantial amount of goods on a regular basis, or you offer a mobile service like dog grooming or plumbing, then you simply need a solid cargo van. At Future Ford of Sacramento, we see many business owners who say they’ve tried using a pickup truck or even just an SUV with the seats down to handle their operational needs. However, as their small businesses continue to grow, they need a real cargo van.

Having a great cargo van not only makes it much easier to carry out your business’ daily tasks but also gives you that professional look that is sure to catch the eye of potential customers. If you are looking for a cargo van for sale, we recommend checking out the Ford Transit. It’s a versatile and reliable option that can help you carry out a wide range of operations. Whether you’re looking for one cargo van or a full fleet, we have the Ford Transit for sale and would love to show it to you. Here’s an overview of this quality commercial vehicle.

Standard Features

Before we get into the configuration options, let’s briefly cover the basics. Every Ford Transit Cargo model will have seating for two passengers, so it’s ready to take a pair of your crew members out to job sites. Also standard is a 3.5L V6 engine and a 10-speed SelectShift Automatic Transmission. You’ll find two assist handles, one on either side of the rear cargo doors, to help your team get in and out of the cargo area.

In the cab area, you’ll find a center console and a lockable glove box where your employees can store small items. Drivers will enjoy a range of driver-assist features, including a Lane-Keeping System, Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert, Auto High-Beam Headlamps, and more.

A white 2024 Ford Transit Cargo Van is shown from the rear at an angle.

A Variety of Sizes for Every Business’s Needs

The Ford Cargo van comes in three lengths, each one right for a specific type of work or operation.


Regular has an overall length of 219.9 inches. The overall interior cargo length is 126 inches.


Long models have an overall length of 237.6 inches and an overall interior cargo length of 143.7 inches.


Long EL models have an overall length of 263.9 inches and an overall interior cargo length of 172.2 inches.

There are also three roof height options of low, medium, and high. The exact height of each option varies between models. But note that low and medium are the only available options for the regular model. Meanwhile, the Long model can have a low, medium, or high roof. The Long EL model is only available with a high roof.

We appreciate the variety of dimension options because we understand that many business owners have precise sizing needs for their vans. When it comes to fitting a whole fleet in your lot and carrying out the daily tasks of your business, every inch counts. The cargo volume will also change depending on your chosen length and roof height. However, it ranges from 280.9 cu.ft. in the smallest model and goes all the way up to 536.4 cu.ft. in the largest model.

Choosing Your Correct Transit Van Dimensions

Knowing which size of Transit van is right for you will depend on what you need the power to do with it. However, we always suggest that anyone whose staff needs to actually handle work from within the cargo van should get a model with a high roof. So, for example, mobile dog groomers should opt for a high-roof model since most of their responsibilities happen inside the van. It’s important that these professionals can comfortably stand up without hitting their heads.

Alternatively, if your vans will be traveling far distances on a regular basis, more compact dimensions can lead to slightly better fuel economy, helping your business cut some costs. Plus, they can be easier to drive and park, making them good for professionals who never know where their work might take them (and what sort of parking space will be available).

Several Ways to Access Your Cargo

The Transit Cargo van gives drivers several ways to access their cargo, which is convenient for many reasons. On the side, you’ll find a sliding door for easy access to your cargo area. However, if you decide to outfit the interior with shelving and need to leave the side panel shut, or you sometimes park in tight spots and accessing it from the side is not an option, there are two swing-open doors in the back. These doors open wide so your employees can easily access everything they need, load items in, and even hop in and out of the cargo area.

A brown 2024 Ford Transit Cargo Van is shown with the sliding doors open after leaving a dealer that has a cargo van for sale.

Available Fixed Shelving and Tie-Downs

If your staff needs to have a variety of tools and supplies on hand with them while they’re on the go, you can order your Transit van with fixed shelving throughout the interior. This gives you the freedom to turn the cargo area into a mobile workstation with all the items your employees need to handle their assignments. You can also add the available cargo tie-downs to secure items that are at risk of shifting during transit. Business owners will appreciate how easy it is to customize the Transit’s cargo area to fit your needs.

Available Protection Package

If you want to maintain the inner walls of your Transit for as long as possible, we recommend adding the available Protection Package. It adds polypropylene panels on the inner side walls and doors. So if tools go flying when you hit a bump or pothole, you don’t need to worry about them scratching up the Transit’s inner panels.

Available Ford Pro Telematics Subscription

Your cargo van is an investment, and your business probably relies on it remaining in good condition. That’s why we love to show business owners the perks of the Ford Pro Telematics Subscription. This software has a GPS tracker and gives you insightful information on your vehicle and your employees’ driving habits.

Ford Pro-Telematics can issue reports showing where the vehicle has gone, driving behaviors, fuel efficiency stats, and vehicle health stats. It will send you alerts when your vehicle needs attention and provide helpful reminders about maintenance services. You can get these reports on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Upgrade Your Business With the 2024 Ford Transit Cargo Van

If your employees don’t stick around an office to do their work but instead visit job sites all over the city, you need a great cargo van. The Ford Transit cargo van is a highly customizable and versatile model that is ready to handle a variety of business operations. Available in different sizes and with utility-forward features like shelving and tie-downs, it’s ready to tackle a long day’s work alongside your team.

We have the Ford Transit cargo van in many model sizes. Our staff would love to help you select the best one to keep your business thriving. Tell us about your daily operations, and we can assist you in selecting the right model size and available features that will streamline your tasks. No growing business is complete without the right fleet of vehicles, so check out the Ford Transit today if you need an excellent cargo van to keep scaling your operations.


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