A grey 2015 Ford F-150 XL towing a trailer of large pipes at an industrial site.

What makes a pre-owned Ford feel new again? The answer is Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). Have you been searching around for a Sacramento Certified Pre-Owned Ford dealer? If so, you’ll find an unmatched selection at our dealership, Future Ford of Sacramento. CPO vehicles are more popular than ever, and it’s not uncommon for shoppers to be drawn to their appeal. They’re so popular there’s a chance someone you know has invested in one already. There are a few things you should know about the Ford CPO program, such as the included warranties, the vehicles on offer, and the detailed 172-point inspection. All three combine to give customers a new way to shop for their Fords. CPO vehicles, in general, offer customers greater flexibility in how they shop because they’re unlike your average pre-owned vehicle. Because of this, we here at Future Ford of Sacramento give an unprecedented amount of choices in the greater area of our great California capitol.


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Ford’s 172-Point Inspection

The first part of the CPO process is to become either Blue or Gold Certified. To become Gold Certified, the vehicle needs to have fewer than 80,000 miles traveled on it, and it can’t have been released any later than six years ago. Our team of certified technicians then conducts a 172-point inspection of any vehicle attempting to become Gold Certified. This inspection not only covers the fundamentals but covers every facet of the vehicle, ensuring it’s clean and operational. First, before a technician inspects the vehicle, we check the vehicle’s history through a VIN inspection and a history report. If the Ford vehicle shows any signs of a checkered past, the vehicle won’t be allowed into the program. Alternatively, becoming Blue Certified involves a 139-point inspection, and the vehicle must have under 120,000 miles on it and must not exceed ten years of age.

Of course, Ford-certified technicians will take a look at the powertrain for any discrepancies. A road test performed by the technician will guarantee the engine is working as it should, along with the transmission, steering, braking, and more. Many of the points that make up the 172-point inspection are done both under the hood and body, including electrical, transmission, engine, and more–nothing goes untouched. Aside from this, other functions are also tested for malfunctions, including cruise control, remote start systems, and driver-select memory profiles, for example. If everything passes this portion of the inspection, the exterior is then checked–unless a problem during the road test needs to be rectified. If a problem is too severe or costly to fix, the vehicle won’t be enlisted into Ford’s CPO program.

The next step is for our technicians to take a close look at the exterior for any dents, scrapes, or corrosion and to ensure the windows are clean, along with the windshield and wipers. If need be, replacements will be made. The technician will also look at the vehicle’s doors and a power liftgate if your vehicle supports it. Aside from the body, bumpers, and grilles being examined, the lightbulbs are replaced too. After this is all done, the inspection moves into the interior.

Finally, our technicians will look through many facets of the interior, from the most noticeable to the minutia. Firstly, technicians will test each seatbelt and examine the health of the airbags. Once this is done, the technicians check the alarm systems, such as theft protection, and that the climate control is fully operational. Next is the infotainment center and its associated features, such as navigation software and its speakers. It’s not uncommon for a vehicle to enter inspection with an out-of-date software version of its infotainment center, so our technicians will update this to the latest firmware if applicable. During the assessment of the infotainment center, the radio reception and the media player will all be thoroughly tested too.

Other aspects of the interior are then carefully looked at, including carpets, various activatable safety features such as the rearview camera and Active Park Assist, and the seats. This includes the upholstery, whether it’s leather, leatherette, or cloth, that the seats fold down correctly, and that any heating elements are working as intended. Not convinced the inspection is thorough enough? Our technicians will even ensure the cupholders are clean.

A mechanic making notes on a clipboard during an inspection at a Sacramento Certified Pre-Owned Ford dealer.

Ford CPO Warranties

Aside from the 172-point inspection, CPO Ford vehicles come with the type of warranties normally reserved for new models. There are two warranties, and alongside this, you’ll have 24-hour roadside assistance in case of an emergency. No matter what time of day–weekend or weekday–you can reach roadside assistance for help. If your Gold-Certified vehicle requires servicing and isn’t immediately operable, Ford will reimburse you up to $1,000 over three days spent on a rental vehicle, buying food, or staying at a hotel while your vehicle is serviced. Perhaps most importantly, Ford will cover $75 of taxi fare to get you to your intended destination safely. That’s the dream for anybody who has ever had a broken-down vehicle in the past, as they know how stressful and expensive the entire endeavor can be.

What about the two warranties? With your Gold-Certified CPO Ford vehicle, you’ll get both a 7-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Limited warranty and a 12-month/12,000-mile Comprehensive Limited warranty. Starting with the Powertrain Limited warranty, if your vehicle begins to drive strangely, a concerning noise comes from under the hood, or the vehicle stops working altogether, you’ll be covered. As long as the engine started malfunctioning due to a manufacturing error and not the user’s, and it’s within this time frame, you’ll be covered.

Next is the Comprehensive Limited warranty. This warranty will cover everything besides the powertrain, from the back bumper to the front. A few examples are if your air conditioning stops working all of a sudden, your infotainment center begins to freeze, lag, or stop working altogether. Or, if the exterior of your vehicle begins to corrode within this time, Ford’s warranty has got you covered. These two warranties combine to give you a lengthy and trustworthy experience with both your Ford vehicle and Future Ford of Sacramento.

An orange 2020 Ford Mustang High Performance parked in a warehouse near Sacramento.

Our Selection

One thing you can guarantee you’ll always find at our dealership is fan-favorite Ford vehicles. America knows there’s no better truck you can purchase than a Ford, and it’s this philosophy that has formed a fan base with millions of members. Between an unrivaled quality and an extensive history dating back to the earliest days of the twentieth century, many generations of Americans have experienced, and continue to experience, the superiority of Ford vehicles. When you visit our dealership, you’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for, thanks to an always-changing inventory. However, you can always expect to find your favorite Ford SUVs, trucks, cars, and more by browsing our new, used, or CPO inventories here at Future Ford of Sacramento.

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At Future Ford of Sacramento, we know how difficult the shopping experience can be, and we know other dealerships may have left a bad taste in your mouth. Dealerships may have been given a bad rep in the past due to poor management and predatory sales tactics, but this is no longer the case. Our team of talented sales representatives will not only guide you through our lot but will answer each question you may have. If you’d prefer, our sales team can walk you through some recommendations, and we can tailor your shopping experience based on your wants, needs, and price range. All of our vehicles are fairly priced, and our team is one of the very best around, including our on-site technicians, who make the dream happen by fixing and servicing Ford vehicles. If you’re in the greater area of Sacramento, and you’re interested in a Ford vehicle, then come on down to Future Ford of Sacramento today!