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Ready to go electric? EVs are the future—just ask your North Highlands EV dealer, Future Ford of Sacramento! We’re excited to see where this road takes us, and we’re getting a greater selection of EVs every day. Our wide inventory of new and used electric and hybrid vehicles means we’re the area’s top source for EVs.

Worried about making the leap from gas to electric? The professionals at Future Ford of Sacramento are here to help. Our experts are up to date with the latest tech and models and can answer all your questions or address your concerns about going green. With all the advances being made these days, EVs boast user-friendly technology and are as easy to charge as your phone or laptop.

Future Ford of Sacramento takes pride in offering the best for our NorCal drivers. Whether it’s our superior new and used selections or our first-class customer care, we take time to engage with drivers so they can feel confident in purchasing their next vehicle. Buying a new car is traditionally stressful, but it won’t be when you shop with the team at Future Ford of Sacramento. Our expert sales and finance specialists are here to guide shoppers through the auto-buying process from start to finish. From your first test drive until you’ve got the keys in your hand, we strive to make every experience at Future Ford of Sacramento a positive one.


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Quick Facts About the Electric Generation

If you want to know about electric vehicles, you’re in the right place! Our team prides itself on our knowledge of the growing EV segment. If you’re just now thinking about getting an EV, but you’re still unsure, check out some of the facts and advantages of electric models…

First off, who are some of the biggest names in EV manufacturing? If you’re getting an EV, you might want a place to start. Naturally, the name that put EVs on the map is Tesla, but they aren’t the only game in town; all the big names are on board with green technology these days, with some of the most notable being Chevy, Ford, Toyota, and Nissan.

When it comes to owner satisfaction, EVs seem to have an edge over the competition. EVs are less expensive to operate than their gas-engine counterparts; they are also known to have lower maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts. Contrary to rumors, EVs offer plenty of pep and power, giving drivers the acceleration and torque they’re looking for.

Also, EVs are quiet compared to traditional cars. Not only are they nearly silent while running, but naturally—because they are electric—they have zero emissions. If you’re looking for a way to do your part to reduce global warming, switching to electric is a great step in the right direction.

What about range? Well, that depends on your model, but the majority of EVs will take drivers between 100 and 300 miles on a full charge; not even the most fuel-efficient model can touch that range. As for how long a battery lasts overall, most are reported to last between 100,000 and 200,000 miles or 12 to 15 years in areas with mild climates.

When it comes to charging, again, times will vary depending on your specific model and the charge level you use; it could take a day or mere minutes. Let’s say you stop at a charging station; they offer Level 2 or Level 3 power.

Charging at a Level 2 will give you approximately 15 to 25 miles of range per hour of charge. So charging overnight on Level 2 means, more than likely, your car will be fully charged in the morning when it’s time for work.

Level 3 is often referred to as DC Fast Charging and is normally only found at certain public charging stations. Using Fast Charging means you can juice up your battery in as little as 30 minutes if needed.

What about charging at home? Most people will opt to have a charge station installed—a 240-volts Level 2 charger—however, there is also the option for Level 1 charging. This is the slowest and could take days to charge your vehicle from empty to full capacity. But don’t fret! The good news is that many manufacturers offer in-home installation for charging stations when you purchase a new EV from them. Check with the specific company to learn what’s included when you purchase an EV.

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Shop New Ford EVs

Ford has a variety of great green options, with two of the most notable being the powerhouse Ford Lightning, an all-electric version of their best-selling F-150 truck, and the other being the Mach-E, a sleek crossover that takes inspiration from Ford’s iconic Mustang.

The Ford F-150 has been America’s best-selling truck for decades, so it was only a matter of time before Ford brought it into the 21st century with the all-new Lightning. The EV truck builds on the strengths of the F-150 while adding additional advanced tech, increased power and performance, and all on zero emissions. The Lightning offers exceptional range, but drivers can opt for an extended-range battery to give them the extra miles they’re after.

Harness the Lightning’s power in the field to power tools for the job, or if the grid goes down, the Lightning can be used as a backup generator to keep lights on and the fridge cold. The Lightning helps you prepare for anything from a snowstorm to a blackout.

Let’s not forget about the Mach-E. This eye-catching machine has quickly climbed to the top of the EV must-have lists for drivers that want the power of electricity with the good looks of the Mustang. The Mach-E has been on the roads since 2020 and has no plans of slowing down.

This high-performance crossover delivers noteworthy torque and acceleration for an unforgettable ride. While the inside boasts a clean, modern style with user-friendly that drivers love. Stress-free charging and innovative design make the Mach-E stand out among crossover EVs.

Shop New Ford Hybrids

You may not be sure if you want to make the switch from gas to electric all at once; that’s where beautiful hybrids come in. Hybrids offer drivers the best of both worlds—and what better way to dip your toe into the eco-friendly pool than with a new hybrid from Ford?

The popular Ford Escape is now offered as a hybrid, which is great for those who want to get into a midsize SUV that offers plenty of flexibility and power while still reducing their carbon footprint. The Escape hybrid offers seating for five plus ample cargo space for your daily needs. You can pick up the Escape as a hybrid or hybrid plug-in. With at-home charging, you can boost your Escape’s battery with a standard 120v outlet or stop in at a local charging station for a quick jolt of juice.

Need a little more space? Ford is one step ahead with the Ford Explorer hybrid. The Explorer offers seating for seven, an airy cabin with plenty of storage, and flexible seating, making it a great SUV for growing families on the go. The Explorer hybrid gives drivers plenty of towing power and torque for a rewarding and powerful ride.

As for truck hybrids, Ford offers the compact Maverick along with the Ford F-150. Whether you want a green truck for a daily ride or need to harness the power of a full-size F-150, both hybrids offer drivers high performance without compromise.

The compact Maverick seats five and is a practical truck for small families or solo adventures. Its impressive battery range means drivers can go farther on less. As for the F-150 Powerboost hybrid, it’s a game changer; the power this F-150 hybrid engine brings to the market is noteworthy. Drivers looking to get behind the wheel of an icon while reducing carbon emissions can count on the F-150 Powerboost hybrid.

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Shop Used EVs & Hybrids

Future Ford of Sacramento takes pride in offering a variety of pre-owned EVs and hybrids, both from Ford and other big names. Our wide inventory makes Future Ford of Sacramento the premier source for all your eco-driving needs!

Besides Ford, drivers will be surprised to learn we keep a variety of EVs in stock from Kia to Honda; we’ve got hybrid and EV sedans ready and waiting. Check out a pre-owned best-selling Nissan Leaf and get ready to save on your daily commute. As for trucks, Ford’s compact Maverick hybrid will get you where you need to go on less!

Jump online or stop in and explore our latest lineup and premium used EVs and hybrids. Get ready to go green with Future Ford of Sacramento today!

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Embrace the Future at Future Ford

At Future Ford of Sacramento, we’re making green power a priority for drivers who are on the lookout for the latest EVs or hybrid vehicles. Whether new or used, we stock a wide selection of the best models that the best automakers have to offer. From the noteworthy Ford Lightning and Mach-E to pre-owned hybrids that will save you money in more ways than one, we’ve got what you need to go green this year!

Shop for your future EV or hybrid online, or—if you’ve got time—stop in and see the latest and greatest in person. Take a vehicle for a test drive and get a feel for it. Our knowledgeable sales team is always on hand to answer your questions so you get into the right vehicle for your needs. As for financing, our experts will take you step by step through the auto loan process. Have the keys for your new EV in your hand sooner than you’d think when you shop with the green team at Future Ford of Sacramento!