A white 2024 Ford F-150 is shown at a home construction site.

Business owners and managers know that the way they transport goods and services is perhaps the most important part of daily operations, which requires the skilled assistance of reliable work trucks. From construction sites to interstates, you’ll find work trucks gliding by on their way to their next customer, and if you’re looking to add to your fleet, Ford has just the selection for you. From light-duty offerings to help with everything from daily driving to tasks on the job site to heavy-duty haulers, efficient and powerful enough to take on daunting tasks, the Ford inventory is one of the most respected for businesses nationwide.

When you’re on the hunt for Ford work trucks for sale, let Future Ford of Sacramento help you with everything from finding the right models to add to your fleet to financing them and setting up service so that your company can operate at its best. You’ll quickly realize that when it comes to enhancing productivity and adding value to your business, Ford work trucks won’t disappoint.


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Light-Duty Models

Light-duty trucks are ideal for a number of scenarios. They can haul materials on the construction site, effortlessly navigate through traffic on the interstate, and offer the convenience your team needs to be able to get more done during the workday. When your team does a lot of traveling on busy city streets and highways, the Maverick is perhaps one of the best trucks to add to your fleet. This compact truck is exceptional at providing a comfortable and efficient ride, and with a hybrid powertrain available, you’ll be able to save when it comes to fuel expenses. The Maverick showcases a comfortable interior, as well as impressive payload capacity, plenty of helpful tech features, and an all-around energetic ride to add more enjoyment to a busy day on the streets.

If you’re searching for more power and capabilities, the midsize Ranger won’t let you down. It’s nimble, durable, and displays excellent towing marks, making it ideal for many businesses, ranging from builders to landscapers and others. A big perk of choosing a midsize truck like the Ranger is the ability to enjoy more power, yet with its easy-to-handle size, it’s effortlessly capable of drifting in and out of packed city streets with ease. Midsize trucks are also efficient and combined with the strength and durability found in the Ranger, business owners enjoy more productivity and savings, making the Ranger a win-win for many companies.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with America’s best-selling pickup truck, the famous F-150. With a slew of outstanding powertrains, impeccable towing and hauling capabilities, various cab and bed sizes, and tons of helpful work-ready features, there’s a reason why you see so many F-150s confidently displaying workplace badging on highways across the nation. Plenty of trims are available to cater to your company’s needs, from stripped-down work trucks to luxurious travelers and everything in between. Newer models offer features to further impact the workday, such as onboard generators to power tools, hands-free driving capabilities to aid in long trips, as well as onboard scales, a tailgate work surface, and more helpful elements.

A silver 2024 Ford Ranger FX4 Package is shown off-roading after viewing work trucks for sale.

Heavy-Duty Models

When the job requires immense power, only heavy-duty trucks are capable of completing some of the most daunting tasks on the job site. From hauling cumbersome materials to handling hulking equipment, the Ford Super Duty lineup is ready to take it all on with gusto. Like the F-150, the Super Duty models offer a lineup of powertrains that are capable of taking on monstrous tasks. With exceptional trailering features, especially in newer models, maintaining confidence and control of your haul is easy when you have the Super Duty trucks on your side.

Since these hard working trucks typically complete challenging tasks, it only makes sense that they should be able to stand up to the elements. That’s why these tough-as-nails trucks are built on a reinforced frame with durable materials to reduce damage and keep your team moving forward with precision. Inside, the interior cabin is comfortable and convenient, especially when you choose newer models, which feature top-of-the-line tech and modern appointments. This allows your team to enjoy every second they’re behind the wheel. Opting for newer models will also grant you access to fleet management software to help you stay in tune with where your team members happen to be during every part of the day.

A grey 2024 Ford F-450 Super Duty is shown being loaded with a pallet of supplies at a warehouse.

Our Commercial Sales Department Is Here for Our Fleet Customers’ Needs

It’s obvious that Ford has a work truck designed for any business. Whether you’re concerned about everyday efficiency, completing tough tasks, hauling heavy materials, or clocking more miles on the highway, there’s a Ford work truck for sale that will undoubtedly meet your expectations. Here at Future Ford of Sacramento, we’re proud of our selection of light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, and whether you’re looking for a new or used model, one truck, or a fleet of trucks, our professionals can help you every step of the way.

Future Ford of Sacramento has a dedicated department just for our fleet customers because we know that businesses have unique needs and must keep moving forward every day. Our sales team can help you find the right models to help your company thrive, as well as the necessary upfits and accessories your particular team requires to complete the workday tasks. We showcase one of the largest inventories of commercial vehicles nationwide, and we can assure you that you’ll be able to build the perfect fleet with us.

Our dedication to your business doesn’t end there, as we also help you set up service for your fleet vehicles to help you stay moving confidently. With a specialized team standing behind you, you won’t have to worry about your fleet. Our professionals are experienced in serving business owners and managers, answering any questions you may have, as well as offering you a selection of work trucks that will meet your needs. Fleet customers aren’t like regular customers; your vehicles are at the center of your daily operations, and if they’re not performing how they should, your business won’t reach its potential. That’s why we work diligently to ensure that you choose the right trucks with the right capabilities to help your business power ahead of the competition.


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Let Us Help You Find Some Great Ford Work Trucks to Help Your Business Excel

When it comes to your business, you know that how your team travels is key in delivering more goods and servicing more customers every day, and the best brand to ensure the work gets done is Ford. We invite you to stop by and meet with our team of helpful commercial professionals who will guide you to the perfect selection of work trucks for your business. From light-duty options, like the Maverick and Ranger, to America’s favorite, the F-150, and hulking Super Duty haulers, the Ford inventory has something for every business, big or small. Plus, with a reputation of excellence, you’ll have the assurance you require in knowing that your fleet is comprised of reliable vehicles that get the job done right.

Let’s get started on building your fleet. Whether you’re looking to add a few extra vehicles to an existing fleet or you’re looking to build a brand-new arsenal, Future Ford of Sacramento can help you achieve your goals. Stop by today and see why more area businesses choose to team up with us when the success of their business depends on it.