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Searching for a rugged vehicle that’s spacious and durable may have led you directly to the Ford Explorer, a three-row SUV with a no-nonsense approach to your daily drive. You may be looking for an accommodating traveler to haul your family around town, or maybe you are on the hunt for your next bold adventurer, and rest assured that the Explorer can handle any challenge you toss its way. When on the lookout for a Ford Explorer for sale, you’ll want to team up with a dealership that can offer what you need in your ride, whether you’re interested in a new or used model, which is exactly what you’ll find at Future Ford of Sacramento.

With a knowledgeable and professional staff and a vast lot stocked with remarkable options, there’s no better place to shop than our dealership. The Explorer is capable of traversing unruly terrain, delivering your youngsters everywhere they need to go, and offering a ride that’s marked by unrivaled reliability. Now imagine harnessing all of this in your ride with the Explorer model that was destined to amplify your travels to new levels of excellence.


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Things You Want to Know About the Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a three-row SUV designed for families, thrill seekers, road trippers, and virtually any driver imaginable. Its bold persona delivers the strength you need to take on the elements, while its cavernous interior space provides all the room you and your passengers need, as well as all the gear that’s accompanying you on your journey. Launched for the 1991 model year, the Ford Explorer was one of the first legendary SUVs on the scene, replacing Ford’s Bronco II model, showcasing truck-inspired vibes and an intimidating presence. A true sport utility vehicle, the Explorer proved that it was ready for anything, whether the drive consisted of packed interstates or bumpy terrain in the wilderness.

There have been many Explorer models throughout its time on the scene, including the famous Eddie Bauer model, Explorer Sport, and even a pickup truck model, due to the fact that this SUV was just so popular with drivers everywhere. As the Explorer crested into the new millennium, it became even more stylish, and since more SUVs were being unveiled, the Explorer needed to be able to keep up with evolving driving demands. It transitioned into the vehicle that it is today, a respected family transporter, rugged warrior, and versatile travel companion, appealing to all types of drivers with varying lifestyle needs.

Drivers love the Ford Explorer because they’re able to craft the ride they truly want inside, with a plethora of high-performing powertrains and loads of trims to choose from. From luxurious models to bold adventurers, there’s an Explorer in the mix to appeal to virtually any driver. This three-row midsize SUV is ideal for those who need more space but don’t want to deal with a cumbersome full-size vehicle, which can be difficult to maneuver through traffic and park in busy parking lots. It makes the Explorer the ideal option for families and those traveling with more.

Its powerful engines allow it to tow exceptionally well, and with cutting-edge tech inside of its newer models, traveling with confidence is a given inside of this dutiful travel companion. Its flexible interior space allows you to configure its seating elements to accommodate more people and gear, and with a large cargo hold, roof rails, and more, loading up for some time spent in nature is a breeze for this Ford favorite. It’s this level of versatility that makes the Ford Explorer so well-loved by drivers everywhere, and with so many options to choose from with its long history on the streets, you’re bound to find the Explorer model to suit your unique needs on the road and wherever else you’re traveling next.

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Shop for the Explorer, New or Used, at Future Ford of Sacramento

You may know exactly which Ford Explorer will be perfect for you, right down to the trim level and powertrain, or maybe you need a bit more guidance. Our team is ready for any scenario, with ample knowledge of the Explorer nameplate and plenty of new and used models to suit any driver’s needs behind the wheel. If you’re looking to take advantage of industry firsts, advanced tech and safety features, as well as beautiful modern styling, buying new may be right for you. We have a lineup of new Explorer models that offer the best features the industry has to offer, allowing you to enjoy all the perks of driving a brand-new car.

You may be concerned about your budget, which has prompted you to focus your attention on used models. This is a great choice, especially if you want to get more for your money, and with so many options to choose from in the Explorer inventory, finding the perfect model will be effortless when you shop with us. Both of our lots are packed with plenty of options designed to meet various travel demands, as well as a multitude of budgets. That’s why so many drivers flock to us when they want to be satisfied with the vehicle they choose for their journey through Sacramento, Citrus Heights, and beyond.

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2023 Explorer Highlights

The 2023 Ford Explorer doesn’t just exhibit eye-catching styling and legendary performance features, but it’s loaded with desirable features, just waiting to add value to your daily drive. New for 2023, you’ll find new paint colors available to really add excitement to this crowd-pleaser. Its multitude of trims makes it easy to find the Explorer model that intrigues you, whether you’re interested in the rugged Timberline or the elegant Platinum and any model in between. Plenty of powertrains are available in its lineup, including a hybrid to enhance efficiency on city streets and open highways, and no matter which engine you choose, you’ll be in for a one-of-a-kind ride.

Its interior cabin is comfortable and convenient, with configurable seating to maximize the space inside, accentuated by plenty of tech to make the ride more connected. A 10.1-inch infotainment touchscreen can be found in top-level trims, providing access to all of the helpful features you need on the road. From smartphone integration to a Wi-Fi Hotspot, you’ll find all the tech inside the Explorer. The 2023 Explorer is handsomely styled and ready for anything, appealing to drivers everywhere with varying travel requirements.

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At Future Ford of Sacramento, we’re on a mission to help the drivers in our area find exactly what they need to enjoy absolute satisfaction on the road and anywhere else they’re traveling next. When you’re searching for a new or used Explorer, and you want to find the right dealership with vast knowledge of this particular model, as well as a myriad of finance options, you’ll find it all right here with us. You may be very familiar with the Explorer, or maybe you’ve just seen it around town, and no matter what your level of knowledge is, we’re ready to help you find the right model for the best price. So, don’t just settle for any inventory or any team when it comes to your shopping experience. When you choose to trust in Future Ford of Sacramento, you get more than just a fantastic inventory of vehicles, and you also get a team that places you first from the moment you step through our doors.