A blue 2021 Ford Explorer is shown towing an Airstream trailer on a tree-lined road.

For many years, the common association with shopping for a vehicle is that it’s an arduous task. With so many makes and models currently available on the road today, narrowing down the options to a single choice that’s ideal for you, your situation, and most importantly, your budget can be quite the challenge. It certainly can seem exhausting. This is why Future Ford of Sacramento wants to not only make the vehicle shopping experience easy but one that’s informative, enjoyable, and that will allow you to take the wheel. How? We’ll take the time to listen to all of your questions and concerns and show you the various trims, features, and available packages that you can benefit from the most.

To help you narrow down your decision, we would suggest you check out the Ford Explorer as your next vehicle. Few vehicles have a track record of excellence quite like the Ford Explorer. Perhaps the most popular SUV to ever grace the highway, it can do wonders for you and your family. Here at Future Ford of Sacramento, we’re not just a Ford Explorer dealership; we’re a storehouse of information that can help you make a well-informed decision. We can show you all of the different Explorer models we have, new and used, so you can explore all of the possible options available to you.


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Exploring the Greatness of the Ford Explorer

There’s no doubt that the SUV has skyrocketed in popularity during the past few decades. While there was certainly a considerable amount of excitement in the early 2000s, there might not have been such a boom if not for the Ford Explorer. Debuting in 1991, the vehicle was far ahead of its time. While there had been SUV-style vehicles before, the Explorer proved to be one that was accessible for consumers and relatively easy to drive and maneuver, whether you were in the city or exploring (pun intended) off-road. Like so many other vehicles that are a part of the Ford fleet, the Explorer comes in a variety of trims and available packages that help it adapt to a variety of situations.

Over the years, hybrid technology, driving assistance, and safety features have made their way to the Explorer to benefit consumers. This model is constantly receiving high marks in crash tests, which speaks to the level of attention that Ford places on safety. While the shape and size of the SUV have changed dramatically over the past few years, Ford’s flagship model continues to be the standard-bearer for the entire class. This is why the Explorer has remained in production ever since its debut and has only gotten better with age. Continually enhancing technology and proving its worth, it’s one investment that will generate a generous return. When you test drive a model at Future Ford of Sacramento, you’ll quickly see why this is the vehicle to plan your future with.

A white 2023 Ford Explorer Limited Hybrid is shown parked on a pier.

New Vehicle Coverage You Can Count On

When you purchase a brand-new Explorer from Future Ford of Sacramento, you’re not just getting behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s going to greatly improve your quality of life. You’ll obtain peace of mind thanks to Ford’s standard warranty protection. All new Ford vehicles have a factory warranty that lasts for a period of three years or 36,000 miles, and powertrain coverage that lasts for an impressive five years or 60,000 miles.

There are also several warranty extensions that you can add on at the time of purchase. If you’re unsure of which extension or package is best for you, we’ll gladly take the time to explain each one. No two drivers are exactly the same, and one warranty might be agreeable to one, but certainly not all. Our team members will go over every last detail so you can be sure you’re making the right choice.

Saving Money By Going Used

When it comes to shopping for the ideal vehicle, the cost is always a determining factor. To this end, many consumers opt to buy used. Aside from a lower price at the time of purchase, used vehicles are also less expensive to insure. At Future Ford of Sacramento, you’ll find several used Ford Explorer models that will still give you the benefits and advantages of a new one. For example, for the first six years after it rolls off of the assembly line, the annual repair costs for a Ford Explorer stay below the threshold of $900. This means that upkeep and routine maintenance are not only relatively inexpensive but are much less than the industry average. As long as you keep up with routine service at regular intervals, your used Explorer will last for a considerable amount of time. Thanks to the service and parts department at Future Ford of Sacramento, the road ahead will be a smooth one.

A blue 2018 Ford Explorer is shown passing a lake after leaving a Ford Explorer dealership.

The Advantage of Expertise at Future Ford of Sacramento

It would be easy to assume that all dealerships are alike, and that’s certainly more than understandable. After all, many have inventories, a sales team, a finance department, and, more often than not, a repair center to keep the vehicles they sell running in pristine condition. That said, you might be curious about what makes Future Ford of Sacramento different from all the others. What is it that makes our customers beam from ear to ear once they’ve driven their new vehicle off the lot?

It all comes down to knowledge and expertise. Today’s vehicles are constantly evolving; the features and specifications which are available one year might be completely gone by the next. With so many changes constantly occurring, it might seem difficult to keep up, but at Future Ford of Sacramento, staying up to date and ahead of the curve is what allows us to help our customers choose the best vehicle that perfectly suits their needs.

We’re drivers, too, and we understand the pressing concerns that you have regarding having a proper method of transportation. This is why we’ll take you through the entire scope of the purchasing process. Whether it’s new or used, we’ll inform you about the advantages that each vehicle possesses and how it might benefit you and your family for many years to come. For well over a century, Ford has maintained the highest standards of quality, and we believe in adhering to them when dealing with our customers.

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Explore New Worlds in One of Our Vehicles

While there’s certainly no shortage of SUVs on the road today, the Ford Explorer has been consistent and accessible to the average consumer. This perfection doesn’t come by accident but by hard work, dedication, and an unwillingness to settle for second place. At Future Ford of Sacramento, this is exactly what we believe in when conducting any sales transaction. We only want what’s best for you. This means observing complete transparency with no surprises and informing you of every detail of anything you’re considering purchasing.

This commitment also means providing financing options for those who need it. Our team will work closely with you and take your budget and finances into consideration and develop a plan that suits you perfectly. If you already have a method of transportation and are looking to trade in to trade up in quality, then we’ll allow you to use it as a form of equity or make you an offer that’s fair and balanced. We’re dedicated to our customers and believe that everyone deserves a chance at getting to live their best life. That’s the difference you’ll experience with Future Ford of Sacramento.