A dark blue 2020 Ford Explorer Limited driving on the highway to a Certified Pre-Owned Ford Explorer dealer.

For many consumers, finding a vehicle that’s both reliable and affordable can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. This usually means people are left to explore used options instead of buying something brand new. In the past, this meant browsing through classified ads and dealing with private sellers, but there are better options in the modern age. Discovering vehicles that are affordable and held to the high standards of quality that many consumers are looking for is possible with Ford’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program.

A visit to Future Ford of Sacramento will give you the opportunity to experience the same quality that’s been synonymous with Ford since its founding. As a Certified Pre-Owned Ford Explorer dealer, we can help you get behind the wheel of one of the most respected SUVs on the market at an affordable price. Opportunities like this don’t come knocking every day, but when they do, it’s always wise to open the door and let them in.


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Exploring New Frontiers and Breaking New Boundaries

While the SUV began its upward trajectory toward widespread popularity in the early 2000s, the Ford Explorer debuted a decade earlier for the 1991 model year. Competing against the Chevy Blazer and Jeep Cherokee, Ford’s midsize SUV would eventually grow to surpass its rivals in the volume of sales, technology, performance, and above all else, popularity. Since its debut, the Explorer has evolved through six generations, picking up new features and offering greater performance. Ford has always strived to bring unsurpassed quality to the drivers who rely upon its vehicles.

In its earliest days, the Explorer took the form of a two-door SUV, a design that was later replaced with the four-door midsize configuration that it maintains to the present day. While the exterior has changed over the years, with its early box-shaped look abandoned in favor of sleek modern styling, the dedication to quality has been consistent. Possessing a knack for performance and towing prowess, the Explorer has consistently received high marks in regard to safety. It’s not only consumers who have benefitted from the positive attributes of the Ford Explorer. Many law enforcement agencies across the United States have also made use of this vehicle, including our own Sacramento Police Department.

A red 2016 Ford Explorer parked on a river bank where two people are carrying a kayak to the water.

The Ford CPO Program: A Better Way to Buy

Over the years, many manufacturers have created CPO programs to provide better and more affordable options for consumers. CPO models might be used vehicles, but they possess the sort of manufacturer warranties and support that comes with new vehicles. They also have limited mileage and have been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned before being sold. However, Ford goes a step further than most CPO programs and gives consumers more options by offering two tiers of CPO vehicles: Blue Certified and Gold Certified. To fully understand them both and the advantages they offer, we’ll begin with a breakdown of the Blue Certified benefits.

In order to be sold as Blue Certified, a vehicle must be no older than ten years and have traveled fewer than 120,000 miles. It should be remarked that many of the vehicles designed by Ford have the ability to last for well over 100,000 miles as long as they’re properly maintained at regular intervals. To ensure your purchase gives you peace of mind, you’ll be given a free CARFAX report that details the complete history of the vehicle, such as accidents and major repairs. Speaking of repairs, all Blue Certified vehicles undergo a rigorous 139-point inspection by our technicians, and any parts found to be at fault are replaced. Your purchase comes with a comprehensive limited warranty that lasts for 4,000 miles or 90 days after the initial purchase. You’ll also have 24/7 roadside assistance.

If you’re someone who wants further protection and peace of mind, you have the option to purchase a Gold Certified CPO vehicle. These models have extended warranty coverage and must meet stricter requirements. For instance, a Gold Certified vehicle must be no more than six years old and have traveled fewer than 80,000 miles. Much like Ford’s Blue Certified options, you’ll be given a free CARFAX report to maintain complete transparency about your purchase. Further peace of mind comes from a 172-point inspection and two factory warranties. Powertrain coverage lasts seven years or 100,000 miles, while the comprehensive limited warranty lasts 12 months or 12,000 miles.

If you can’t decide between a Blue Certified and Gold Certified vehicle, simply talk to our sales team. We can walk you through all the differences so you can choose the option that is right for you. Whichever program you decide to take part in, just remember that Ford has your best interests in mind.

A white 2014 Ford Explorer driving on a tree-lined road.

The Advantages of Shopping at Future Ford of Sacramento

There are no shortages of dealerships in Northern California and the Sacramento area that sell the Ford Explorer and offer Ford’s two-tiered CPO program. So, what is it that makes Future Ford of Sacramento so special? Why should you choose to do business with us as opposed to one of our competitors?

The answer is simple––our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. That means we believe in helping you throughout the buying process, going through the vehicles that might work for you and your immediate needs instead of pushing cars that won’t meet your requirements. This means listening to your concerns and answering any questions you might have. When you shop with us, you will know that you’ve made the best choice regarding your purchase.

Quality assurance doesn’t just involve finding you the right vehicle; it also extends to our financing and service departments. Do you think the Ford you want is out of your price range? Think again. We’ll work out a payment plan that agrees with your financial situation. After you have the keys, we’ll help keep your vehicle on the road with routine service from our parts and service center. We’re here and have your back from the dealership to your driveway and everywhere else in between.

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Exploring Better Vehicles

Looking back at the legacy of the Ford Explorer, you will see a vehicle that’s been around for over three decades and has always strived to adapt to the changing needs of consumers. The willingness of Ford to adapt to the times speaks to the devotion and dedication the brand has towards quality and its customers. If the Explorer has maintained that track record for so very long, then there’s no doubt that a Certified Pre-Owned model can lend you unsurpassed quality and reliability.

Thanks to its two-tiered CPO program, Ford caters to the immediate needs of many types of drivers. For those who are keen on cost-effectiveness, Ford’s Blue Certified program represents quality with a low price tag. For customers who want to drive away from our lot knowing they’re protected with additional warranty coverage, Ford’s Gold Certified program will provide you with the assurances that you’ve made the best decision.

At Future Ford of Sacramento, you’ll find that you have many options for your next vehicle. But no matter what option you choose, you’ll know that your decision is the first step towards an elevated quality of life. Visit us today to discover your CPO Ford Explorer!