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With over 100,000 residents and the most populated city in Placer County, CA, Roseville holds a unique geographic position. While it certainly has a large population density, it also exists in close proximity to a variety of outdoor activities, such as lakes, parks, and forests. And because California tends to have many of its locations separated by distances that require a vehicle to navigate between them, you might be wondering if there’s one vehicle in particular that can facilitate the everyday commute and provide an escape to the outdoors on the weekends. The answer is a resounding “Yes” and takes the form of the Ford Explorer.

While we’re all familiar with the current level of popularity the SUV has achieved, the Explorer was one of the original forerunners of the modern SUV craze. Arriving in the early 1990s, the Explorer was one of the first vehicles that proved that the SUV could be accessible to the average family and be geared towards everyday driving, and not just off-roading and towing. With available all-wheel drive and a host of features to enhance the driving experience, Roseville residents can greatly benefit from the Ford Explorer. Whether you’re a family-oriented driver who needs to make use of spacious seating and storage capacity or simply need something that can allow you to explore the surrounding areas of Placer County, finding a Ford Explorer for sale in Roseville is as easy as taking a trip to Future Ford of Sacramento.


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The All-New Ford Explorer Is Waiting for You at Future Ford

The fact that the Ford Explorer is still in production almost three decades after its debut is a testimony to the staying power of the vehicle and its capacity for performance and greatness. The current version of the Ford Explorer is geared towards the modern consumer and all of their various wants and needs regarding transportation. A variety of trims make the model ideal for those looking for transportation while being mindful of cost, as well as all of the modern comforts and amenities that many drivers are keen on possessing with their vehicles.

For family-oriented consumers, many of whom look for the SUV as the ideal method of viable transportation, a host of standard safety features allow for peace of mind while on the road. These safety features are further complimented by an array of infotainment, comfort, and convenience enhancements that will surely keep all on board safe, comfortable, and connected. Here at Future Ford of Sacramento, finding an all-new Ford Explorer is possible, and once you get behind the wheel, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do so sooner.

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We Also Offer a Great Selection of Pre-Owned Explorer Models

To save money on up-front costs and pay lower insurance premiums, many drivers have chosen to go the route of purchasing used vehicles. And when it comes to the possibility of owning a Ford Explorer, you’ll be impressed with the used selection that we have here at Future Ford of Sacramento. All of the vehicles that we sell, whether new or used, are held to the highest standards of quality assurance, and nothing goes for sale on the lot that we wouldn’t have in our driveways. Because, after all, we’re drivers, too.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Ford Explorer is just how sustainable they are over a considerable period of time. The longevity of any vehicle all comes down to having routine service prepared at regular intervals, something that we can certainly facilitate at Future Ford of Sacramento. The yearly repair cost for a Ford Explorer stays well below the threshold of $900 for the first six years of ownership. In that same amount of time, the chances of a major repair having to be performed are lower than 15%. And because insurance premiums and repairs go hand in hand as recurring expenses with vehicle ownership, you’ll be pleased to know that obtaining coverage for an Explorer costs less than the industry average by over $400.

Buying a pre-owned Explorer can be a great investment for budget-minded drivers, which will essentially give access to a broader range of vehicles rather than just sticking with the current lineup. This means you can purchase one from a more recent model year and get all the modern features you’re looking for at a fraction of the price. You also will be able to bypass the vehicle’s depreciation and pay its true worth; remember that a vehicle loses almost 40% of its value after the first three years. By purchasing a pre-owned Explorer, you can get the features you want without the brand-new price tag.

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Providing Financing for Those Who Need It.

For the average consumer who needs a reliable method of transportation, getting a great vehicle that they can afford is the ultimate goal. But it can still feel like anything of discernable quality is just slightly out of reach due to cost. You work hard for your money, and here at Future Ford of Sacramento, we believe in working hard for you. This means doing whatever we can to get you behind the wheel and en route to a better life and a fulfilling future. This dedicated work ethic takes the form of our financing department.

Owning a Ford, regardless of the model or trim, shouldn’t be obscured behind a glass ceiling and reserved for only those with a disposable income. We’ll work with you to create a structured payment plan that perfectly fits your budget and financial situation. We understand that the average resident of Roseville, CA, has a lot of obligations and tasks to take care of daily, and transportation is necessary to accomplish them on time. Even if you lack a credit history, you won’t be limited in your chances to build a strong foundation for your family and their future.

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Check Out the Ford Explorer Today

Ever since it first rolled off the assembly line, the Ford Explorer has allowed families all over the country to enhance their lifestyles and live their best possible lives. Whether you’re in the market for an all-new Explorer from the current model year or have a keen eye for saving money and want to purchase a used model, we’re here to help. Our dedication to you continues with our finance department, who will help create a payment plan with you that perfectly fits your budget. It also extends long after the keys have been handed over; our dedicated service center and parts department will be here for any maintenance you may need to keep your vehicle running like new. Future isn’t just part of the name of our location; it’s what we help our customers establish.

Making the commute from Roseville to Future Ford of Sacramento will result in much more than just a new Ford, but a vehicle shopping experience unlike any other you’ve had before. We’ll take the time to address any questions or concerns you might have and give you all of the necessary information you need to make a well-informed decision. Ford has been allowing millions of drivers the chance to experience the very best of the automotive world for well over a century. As a representation of the brand, we go above and beyond expectations to do the same. Visit us today and experience this feeling first-hand. For you, your future, and your family.