A yellow 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands is shown kicking up dirt.

The Ford Bronco has been an influential vehicle since it hit the market in 1965. As the first official sports utility vehicle, the Bronco set off a wave of copycats also looking to appeal to drivers looking for more space and rugged capabilities. It’s almost hard to think about Ford now without thinking of the Bronco. Then, in 2021, Ford surprised everyone with the release of the Bronco’s diminutive version — the Bronco Sport. Drivers looking for four-wheel drive capabilities, rugged abilities, and a sporty design packed into a subcompact SUV instantly loved the Bronco Sport. It’s the ideal vehicle for Sacramento residents who want the power to explore all of the stunning natural landscapes in the region while still driving a compact vehicle ready for city streets.

If you’re looking for a Ford Bronco Sport for sale, pay us a visit at Future Ford of Sacramento. We would love to introduce you to this fun and spirited subcompact SUV and all of its unique trim options. We know the different features of every trim and would love to show you how fun it is to drive the Ford Bronco Sport. Our team will get to know what you’re looking for in your Ford Bronco Sport and show you the precise models that fit your needs. The Ford Bronco Sport is the perfect subcompact SUV for trips from Sacramento to San Francisco or adventures into the Sequoia or Redwood National Park. Visit us today and check out this energetic and affordable vehicle.


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A Closer Look at the Ford Bronco Sport

The Ford Bronco Sport packs a lot of fun and capability into its subcompact dimensions. If you’re looking for a dynamic vehicle that’s ready to thrive in a range of environments, we highly recommend checking out the Ford Bronco Sport. Sacramento residents have access to many of the very types of places the Bronco Sport is made for.

It’s no secret that traffic in downtown Sacramento can get busy. With many drivers making a regular commute to San Francisco for business or fun, many drivers in Capital City are looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle. Then you have so many world-renowned national parks, just within driving distance of SacTown. When you need a vehicle that’s small enough for parking in San Francisco, fuel-efficient enough for road trips, and easy-to-drive enough in Sacramento traffic, it doesn’t get much better than the Ford Bronco Sport.

Don’t let the dimensions of the Ford Bronco Sport fool you. Its boxy design gives it a spacious interior that’s comfortable for tall passengers. Plus, it benefits from flexible cargo, giving you plenty of ways to pack things like coolers, suitcases, sports gear, and more. Thanks to its four-wheel drive, the Bronco Sport can get the traction you need on slippery and unpaved roads.

It’s even got some solid towing abilities for you to take a boat or ATV out to a camping site. The Bronco Sport comes in several trims, each with unique personalities. Many models also have special appearance packages available to make the Bronco Sport match your style. There’s so much to love about the Bronco Sport.

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Shop Our Selection of New and Used Bronco Sport Models

We have a massive inventory of new and used Bronco Sport models. We get excited when Ford releases a new model with all sorts of updates and upgrades. We know our customers do, too. We want to be the first place you can rely on to check out the freshest and most exciting renditions of the Ford Bronco Sport. Ask our team which trims we have in store for the newest Ford Bronco Sport. They’ll show you the various unique options and help you find one that fits your budget. Speak to one of our sales associates about what you want to be able to do with your Ford Bronco Sport, and they’ll point you in the right direction.

We also carry tons of pre-owned models. The Ford Bronco Sport has only been around since 2021, so even used models tend to be gently used. You can search our used inventory online and filter for features that matter to you. Select for mileage, trim, body color, engine type, and more. See only the models that fit your needs, and find amazing prizes on the peppy, capable, and fuel-efficient Ford Bronco Sport. We’re always working hard to bring in more models regularly so we have several generations for our customers to explore.

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Custom Order Your Bronco Sport With Us

If you don’t find the exact model you want with the precise specifications you’re after, we’re here to help you custom order your Bronco Sport. We have an easy and excellent custom order process. Many drivers want to add features that do not come standard on any of the trims. Custom ordering means you get your dream vehicle and don’t have to settle for anything less.
You can customize nearly every part of your Ford Bronco Sport. If you want to add features that make your Ford Bronco Sport more equipped for camping and other adventures, you can do so. If you’re looking for a special interior material or color, you have the freedom to specify that. Some drivers are looking for unique accessories to make their Bronco Sport more ready to meet their daily needs.

Add special hitches for towing items. Get exterior storage accessories for stashing items like kayaks or snowboards. There are so many ways you can customize your Ford Bronco Sport. Our team will discuss your options with you. Then, they will communicate with you through the process while you wait for your model. They’ll let you know when it’s ready, and you’ll handle all of your financing needs with us. We’ll even be there for you throughout the ownership of your vehicle with our dedicated service center.

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Visit Us Today and Test Drive the Bronco Sport

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here, ready to help you pick out your perfect Bronco Sport. We know that if you are already a fan of the original Bronco, you’ll love its smaller sibling. Ford managed to squeeze a lot of fun and impressive features into this subcompact SUV. It delivers tremendous value for its wallet-friendly price point. Its boxy, rugged looks and four-wheel drive clearly carry the Bronco legacy with pride. However, its smaller dimensions and fuel economy make it a highly versatile option for those who need a vehicle that’s both fun and practical. Whether you’re dropping the kids off at school or heading out for a weekend of camping, the Bronco Sport is ready to accommodate.

If you’re ready to work with a team that knows the Bronco Sport inside and out, pay us a visit at Future Ford of Sacramento. We’re ready to help you find your perfect model and make sure you find financing that works for your budget. Don’t forget we also have a full service and parts department, so we can help you care for your Bronco Sport, too. You’ll love how welcoming our dealership is, how enormous our inventory is, and how competitive our prices are. When you’re ready to explore Northern California in a fuel-efficient, capable, and affordable vehicle, let us take you for a test drive in the Ford Bronco Sport.