A grey 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades driving through deep water while off-roading.

Do you love adventure? Do you love the rush of an open-air vehicle? Do you love off-roading? Have you never been off-roading but always wanted to try it? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then you may just be in the market for a Ford Bronco. As your 2022 Ford Bronco dealer, we can say with confidence that the Bronco is a truly unique vehicle that provides a level of excitement you won’t find just anywhere, not even anywhere else in the Ford lineup.

There’s never been a more exciting year for the Bronco than 2022, and you can find your 2022 Ford Bronco at Future Ford of Sacramento! The Bronco will serve you well on the road for your everyday needs, but when you need a break from the every day and want to have some fun on the trail, the Bronco will give you the ride of a lifetime. If this is your first time hearing about the Bronco, rest assured that this is not a new vehicle in testing; this is a classic staple of American automation that has been tried and true for decades, helping to facilitate one adventure after another.

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The Bronco Origin

Building off the success of the acclaimed and still-famous Mustang, a thriving Ford Motor Company decided in 1965 that it was time to expand the theme with something a little bit more adventurous. And so the Bronco was unleashed, becoming the first Sport Utility Vehicle (better known as SUV) in the world and paving the way for the long-lasting legacy of the Bronco.

The Bronco reached instant success, especially among off-road racers, and across its several configurations and sizes, it provided a variety of different experiences. The Bronco continued to grow and adapt to the needs of drivers, so much so that in 1983 the vehicle was introduced, the Bronco II, which provided a smaller option, using the Ranger platform as its base. With two vehicles now, the Bronco series continued to be a success until 1996, when it retired from the Ford lineup. The end.

Wait, what? What about the 2022 Bronco? That can’t be the end! You’re right. The Bronco did not say goodbye in 1996; it just said, “See ya later.” After a 25-year hiatus, the Bronco made an epic comeback in 2021, but with a few minor (or major) changes. What was once a closed-roof, two-door SUV burst onto the scene as a roofless off-road champion. Built Wild, this new Bronco excels in every area: performance capability, design, durability, and everything in between.

Dynamic 4×4 systems push the boundaries of any known vehicle, making it more of a hiker than a driver. 2021 ushered in a new era for the Bronco legacy, which is still in its infancy. Having had a year to refine this new era, 2022 is an extremely exciting year for the Bronco as it continues to develop and expand its horizons.

A yellow 2022 Ford Bronco Big Bend driving uphill through the snow in the woods.

Buckin’ Into 2022

So what makes 2022 so exciting for the Bronco? We could give you the classic “it just keeps getting better” routine, which would, of course, be true, but there are some very specific, big, and exciting developments for the current model year, and we want you to know what you’re looking at. So, here are some highlights of 2022.

First of all, there is the Bronco Raptor. This monster of a Bronco takes the vehicle to the next level. We’re not just calling it a monster for the sake of calling names; this four-door, roofless SUV has 9.8 inches of width on the standard Bronco, giving it even more objective exterior strength. It makes sense, seeing as the vehicle’s foundation is a boxed steel frame with new shock towers. But the increase doesn’t end with mere width.

The 2022 Bronco Raptor uses a twin-turbo 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine to perform 400 horsepower. Those are impressive numbers, to begin with, but when you consider the fact that a lot of off-roading vehicles don’t quite reach the raw horsepower numbers of traditional SUVs, that number seems even better. The Raptor must have spent a considerable amount of time training at the rock climbing gym because there’s never been a vehicle able to rock climb quite like this one.

Ultra4 Racing is the true test of an off-road vehicle, being acclaimed as an incredibly difficult off-road racing competition, and it was used as the standard for this vehicle. There are a lot of fun off-roaders on the market, but this one uses the best of the best as its standard, and it shows. The Raptor is certainly exciting, but that’s not all the 2022 Bronco has to offer.

There’s the road, there’s the trail, and then there’s the wild. That’s where the Bronco Everglades special edition comes in. If you really want to get off the road, then you need a vehicle that is made for trudging through the deep woods. There’s a lot that goes into producing such a vehicle, but perhaps the most notable feature is the Everglades edition’s snorkel. Yes, you read that correctly: the vehicle has a snorkel.

Why? Well, if you’re foraging through nature, you are going to encounter the elements. As enjoyable as it is for you, you have to make sure that your vehicle is still able to breathe. With a snorkel that handles snow, dust, and straight-up water, there’s very little terrain that this innovative edition is not able to traverse. It may not be a submarine yet, but the snorkel is the first step into underwater adventures.

While the snorkel may be the first step into underwater adventures, the Bronco has gone ahead and already taken the second step. For those of you who are seeking the thrill of an off-road vehicle but want to make sure that you are being eco-friendly, you will be pleased to know that the Bronco Sport has wiring harness clips that are produced from 100% recycled ocean-harvested plastic. Before the conversation about fuel efficiency and emissions even begins, the vehicle itself is constructed with the environment in mind. The Bronco is one step ahead of you already!

We wanted to share with you the biggest and most exciting 2022 Bronco developments first, but to include one last smaller but meaningful development, the Bronco is bridging the gap between its past and its future by adding a new color. Eruption Green Metallic, which is an homage to the Millard Green color used on the first-generation Bronco, has the vehicle looking extra athletic and leans into its identity as a forester. This isn’t the only color addition, as hot Pepper Red metallic has also been added, but we think that Eruption Green is a nice nod to the Bronco’s history.

There’s a lot to get excited about in the 2022 Bronco. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface, but if you come in and take a look, we’ll tell you all there is to know.

A yellow 2022 Ford Bronco perched on boulders next to a glowing tent under a starry sky.

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