Which Isuzu Box Truck Will Get the Job Done for You?

A white 2023 Isuzu NPR-HD Gas EBY Van Body box truck for sale is shown parked inside of a building construction area.

Whether you are looking for your first box truck or you need to add to a growing fleet of vehicles, getting exactly what you need to be able to do your job is the most important thing. When you have clients waiting on delivery, or you need to transport things to a job site, the last thing you want is to make two trips because you don’t have a truck that can handle what’s needed. That is why we work closely with our commercial customers to ensure we fully understand everything you need as you look for a box truck for sale. The Isuzu lineup includes a fantastic collection of different chassis cabs for you to choose from and build onto, creating the perfect truck with everything you need. However, you have quite a few different models to pick from, so let’s take a quick look at each to see which will best meet your needs.

Isuzu N-Series Gas Trucks

Most Isuzu box truck chassis cabs, included with standard gas and diesel engine models, belong to their N-Series. We’ll look at each separately because the engine can impact each model’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and gross combined weight rating (GCWR). All these gas models are available with either a single-row standard cab or a larger crew cab that gives you more room inside, so keep that in mind.

Isuzu NPR Gas

If you need an excellent box truck with plenty of power but are not looking to handle massive amounts of weight, this is the place to start. The NPR Gas model is a Class 3 truck with a GVWR of 12,000 lbs and a GCWR of 18,000 lbs. It can handle a box up to 20 ft long, has a 6.6L engine with a six-speed automatic transmission, and has a 38.6 gallon gas tank.

Isuzu NPR-HD Gas

Moving up from the starting NPR model, the NPR-HD is a Class 4 truck that gives you greater capability compared to the standard one. This truck has a GVWR of 14,500 lbs and a GCWR of 20,500 lbs, with a similar chassis that can fit a 20-foot box. You get a similar engine and transmission here, though it has larger tires rated to handle more weight.

Isuzu NQR Gas

Next up, we have the NQR Gas truck, which is still part of the N-Series, but this is a Class 5 truck designed to handle serious amounts of weight. The NQR has a GVWR of 17,950 lbs and a GCWR of 23,950 lbs, making it a fantastic choice for loading up with lots of cargo. This truck comes with an Allison 1000 Series RDS transmission and 19.5G tires engineered to support all the weight you need.

Isuzu NRR Gas

The most impressive standard gas truck in Isuzu’s lineup, the NRR, is a Class 5 chassis cab model with a GVWR of 19,500 lbs and a GCWR of 25,500 lbs. Otherwise, this beast resembles the NQR, with a similar engine, transmission, and tires. Like other N-Series models, it can handle a 20-foot body and is an excellent addition to any fleet of box trucks.

A red 2023 Isuzu Npr Xd Diesel Van Body is shown parked outside of a restaurant.

Isuzu N-Series Diesel Trucks

If you like the overall design and functionality of the N-Series from Isuzu but prefer a diesel engine, then you have four great options available to you. Like the gas-powered models, the N-Series Diesel trucks are all available with either a standard cab or a crew cab, depending on how large an interior you want upfront. One thing worth noting is that warranty protection on the diesel engine, frame rails, and basic overall coverage has unlimited mileage for added value.

Isuzu NPR-HD Diesel

Diesel models skip the standard NPR you can find with the gas engine, starting with an NPR-HD Diesel truck. This chassis cab offers a GVWR of 14,500 lbs and a GCWR of 20,500 lbs, the same as the gas model. That being said, the diesel version has a 30-gallon gas tank and features a 5.2L I-4 turbocharged engine for impressive power on the road.

Isuzu NPR-XD Diesel

Next, we have the NPR-XD Diesel truck, a Class 4 truck with a GVWR of 16,000 lbs and a GCWR of 22,000 lbs. This is an interesting model because there’s nothing like it available from Isuzu with a gas engine, giving you a great truck that fits the standard model and the next step up. It has a powerful engine, six-speed transmission, and a 30-gallon fuel tank like the NPR-HD Diesel but rides on 19.5F/G tires for added support.

Isuzu NQR Diesel

The first of two Class 5 diesel trucks in this Isuzu N-Series, the NQR Diesel has a slightly larger design that lets it handle a body application of 22 ft in length. This powerful chassis has a GVWR of 17,950 lbs and a GCWR of 23,950 lbs, providing you with incredible capability to handle almost any job. This is one of our favorite options for businesses that need to be able to transport serious weight and want a bit more room in their box for loading up.

Isuzu NRR Diesel

The final offering in the Isuzu N-Series of chassis cab trucks, the Isuzu NRR Diesel, is your best pick if you are interested in one of these models and need the greatest capability possible. The NRR Diesel has a GVWR of 19,500 lbs and a GCWR of 25,500 lbs, with up to 24 ft of room for a box behind the cab. Remember that if you go with a crew cab model, you only get 16 ft for your truck body—this is true for the entire N-Series.

A white 2023 Isuzu Ftr Morgan Van Body is shown parked outside of a store front.

Isuzu F-Series Diesel Trucks

Suppose you are looking for the most excellent weight ratings available from Isuzu or the largest truck platforms. In that case, you should check out the F-Series. These models are only available with diesel engines and standard cabs, so stick to the N-Series if you want a gas engine or crew cab. These are the hardest working trucks Isuzu offers, making them terrific options if you need to move a tremendous amount of cargo.

Isuzu FVR Derate Diesel

The starting option in the F-Series is the FVR Derate truck, which comes with a Cummins B6.7L diesel engine paired with a six-speed automatic Allison transmission. This truck has a GVWR of 25,950 lbs and a GCWR of 33,000 lbs, plus it has up to 30 ft available for the box on the platform behind the cab. You can choose either a 50-gallon or 100-gallon fuel tank for this Class 6 truck, depending on what you’re looking for.

Isuzu FTR Diesel

Despite some key differences, the Isuzu FTR Diesel is quite similar to the FVR Derate model. For starters, this truck has a GVWR of 25,950 lbs, but its GCWR is just 30,000 lbs—this leaves it a bit behind the previous one we looked at. This truck comes with a slightly different six-speed Allison transmission, but otherwise, it is similar.

Isuzu FVR Diesel

Finally, the FVR Diesel truck comes in with the greatest GVWR of the entire Isuzu lineup: 33,000 lbs. It has the same 33,000-lb GCWR as the FVR Derate Diesel truck, so keep that in mind. It is otherwise essentially identical to that other model. This won’t make much difference for many, but if you need greater GVWR, give this one a good look.

Find the Right Truck Today

As you can see, the Isuzu lineup gives you plenty of different box truck platforms to choose from, making it easy to get exactly what your business needs. Whether you’ve figured out which model is right for you or are still trying to decide on the right solution, we’re here to help. Here at Future Ford of Sacramento, we have a team of helpful people who specialize in working with our commercial customers to ensure you have everything your business needs. The most important thing to us is to see you and your company succeed. We won’t rest until you have the right truck ready to hit the road and ensure your clients are as satisfied with you as you are with us.


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