Going Electric? Shop These Used EVs and Never Compromise Your Budget or Your Must-Haves

A grey 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning and a red Mach-E are shown parked on a driveway.

There’s a mad rush to adopt an all-electric lifestyle, with the world’s leading automakers enticing us with incredible powerhouses that exceed our expectations of what it means to drive an electric vehicle (EV). Every brand is electrifying its lineup, from Ford, GMC, and Chevrolet to Volkswagen, Kia, and Hyundai. This global electrification has sent the industry abuzz and laid the foundation for an exciting quest for budget-savvy shoppers hoping to find “high-quality used EVs for sale near me.”

Financial experts agree that purchasing a used vehicle is an intelligent investment, but is the same true for EVs? Fortunately, it is, and our customers are experiencing the benefits of buying into an all-electric future at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, with the affordability of driving and owning an EV, you get to keep more money in your wallet long after your purchase. So, what are your best options when shopping for a used EV? We thought you’d never ask…

The All-Electric Workhorse: Meet the Ford F-150 Lightning

There’s always been the question of whether an electric truck could offer the same capability as its gas- and diesel-powered siblings. Trucks like the Ford Lightning prove there’s no need to worry. Debuting in 2022, the Lightning marks a new chapter for the best-selling F-Series and is one of the best used EVs you can find today because of its newness, innovative technologies, and brute strength.

The 2022 F-150 Lightning made an immediate impression as an electric powerhouse capable of delivering 563 hp and 773 lb-ft of torque—the most in F-150 history. Redefining the “Built Ford Tough” motto, the F-150 Lightning is an incredible work partner that never falters, whether taking advantage of its 2,000-lb payload or 10,000-lb towing capacity. Moreover, the F-150 proves it’s the perfect combination of brains and brawn; it offers innovative features like BlueCruise hands-free driving, onboard scales, and Ford Intelligent Backup Power that transforms the Lightning into a mobile generator. It’s versatility at its finest.

Major Highlights:

  • The electric powertrain produces 563 hp and 775 lb-ft of torque.
  • Maximum payload of 2,000 lbs and maximum towing capability of 10,000 lbs.
  • SYNC 4A infotainment system on a 15.5-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, and in-vehicle apps.
  • Other tech includes onboard scales, Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, Intelligent Range, and Phone-As-a-Key.

The Modern Marvel: Meet the Ford Mustang Mach-E

The award-winning Mach-E is a new jewel in the Ford crown, debuting in 2019 as an all-electric crossover bearing the Mustang name. While many thought pairing the legendary nameplate with an electric powertrain was questionable, the Mach-E’s official debut on American soil in 2021 proved otherwise, as this powerhouse lived up to its namesake and has exceeded our expectations ever since. Once again, Ford sets new standards of excellence and introduces another chapter in the Mustang playbook.

As a used all-electric SUV with a standard or extended-range battery and rear- or all-wheel drive, the 2021 Mach-E is a great find that exudes capability, sophistication, and versatility. Ford introduced the Mach-E with every feature imaginable, adding an impressive twist with the GT and GT Performance Edition.

The Mach-E’s extended range capability is impressive, producing 346 hp and 428 lb-ft of torque with a 300-mile range. However, the Mach-E GT models up the ante, delivering 480 hp and 634 lb-ft of torque for jaw-dropping thrills in the driver’s seat as this SUV launches from zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds. That’s faster than the Porsche Macan Turbo and goes tire-to-tire with the Porsche 911 GTS.

Major Highlights:

  • It offers Mustang-like thrills, with the GT and GT Performance models producing 480 hp and 634 lb-ft of torque.
  • Expansive cabin with room for five adults, a cargo capacity of 59.7 cu.ft., and an enviable panoramic fixed-glass roof.
  • Ford Connected Charging Station adds 30 miles of range using a 240-volt outlet at home; DC fast charging can take the battery from 10% to 80% in 45 minutes.
  • FordPass Charging Network is the largest public network in the country, with over 13,500 charging stations and 40,000 charging plugs.

A blue 2022 Tesla Model 3 is shown driving on a wet road.

The BEV Icon: Meet the Tesla Model 3

There’s no question that Tesla is a pioneer in the electric vehicle segment, but it hasn’t always been the most affordable option, asking customers to pay a premium for its innovative models. Fortunately, EVs like the Model 3 challenge that association. The Model 3 debuted in 2017, marking Tesla’s shift to make more affordable vehicles; drivers responded in kind, earning the Model 3 a coveted place as the best-selling electric vehicle in the world in 2020.

One of the most attractive aspects of shopping for a Model 3 is realizing that any year model is a great find on the used lot because Tesla consistently modifies this four-door sedan via over-the-air software updates. For example, the 2020 Model 3 introduced features like Lane-Keep Assist and Tesla’s revolutionary Autopilot capability, an innovative technology that adds outstanding value to the EV. But what about performance and range?

Tesla sweetens the Model 3’s packaging by acknowledging different EV driving needs. For example, you can find a 2020 Model 3 in several configurations, starting with the Standard Range that produces 271 hp, 310 lb-ft of torque, and a range of 250 miles. The Long Range option delivers significantly more power, to the tune of 425 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque, and an estimated range of 322 miles. You’ll enjoy the same range on the Performance model, which is the most engaging in the fleet as it churns out 455 hp and 487 lb-ft of torque for an incredible experience in the driver’s seat.

Major Highlights:

  • Broad spectrum of power and engaging performance with multiple configurations that offer up to 455 hp and 487 lb-ft of torque.
  • Fast charging is available via Tesla’s Supercharger network.
  • Unique interior with a minimalist and modern design defined by an expansive touchscreen display.

For the Millions, Not the Millionaires: Meet the VW ID.4

With Tesla cornering the high-end market, Volkswagen set out to offer an alternative with the ID.4. Debuting in 2021, the ID.4 made history as the brand’s first all-electric crossover and was designed “for the millions, not the millionaires.” Volkswagen devised the ID.4 as a no-compromise EV offering innovative technology, modern luxury, and exceptional handling at an affordable price. Today, those characteristics are even more impressive on the used lot.

The ID.4 turned heads in 2021 when it debuted as the most affordable all-wheel drive BEV in the industry. Those models are now making their way to used lots like ours, where customers can take full advantage of this SUV’s affordability, versatility, and value. You’ll find these characteristics in every trim, from the Pro to the Pro S, that offers rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and anywhere from 201 to 295 hp. Moreover, Volkswagen lets you tailor the SUV’s performance using the Driving Mode Selection, which fine-tunes the throttle response, electric drive motors, and steering weight per the Eco, Comfort, Sport, or Custom mode. With the ID.4, you’re in control.

Major Highlights:

  • Tech-savvy interior includes ID.Cockpit display with touch-sensitive controls, a 10.0- or 12.0-inch Discover Pro infotainment system, and Hello.ID natural voice recognition that can adjust the cabin temperature, radio volume, and more.
  • Some models feature a panoramic fixed-glass roof that adds to the cabin’s spacious and airy feeling.
  • An expansive suite of safety tools, including Car-Net Safe & Secure, Travel Assist, Front Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Rear Traffic Alert.

A red 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 is shown driving on an open road after looking at used EVs for sale near you.

Your All-Electric Future

We have no shortage of options for those looking to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle. Automotive pioneers like Ford, Tesla, and Volkswagen offer exceptional EVs like the F-150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E, Model 3, and ID.4 that defy convention and encourage us to reexamine everything we thought we knew about electric vehicles. These models offer more power and capability, incredible versatility, and exceptional value, making it easy and affordable to adopt an all-electric lifestyle. The question is, “Which will you choose?”


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