Some of the Many Ways You Can Save by Investing in a Ford Vehicle

A silver 2024 Ford Explorer Platinum parked on a garden patio.

In busy urban areas where life can sometimes be a bit hectic, finding a reliable vehicle that won’t break the bank might seem like a hassle you simply don’t have time for. If this is how you feel, you aren’t alone. Many people spend more than they should or settle when they shouldn’t just to avoid the headache that can come with finding the right vehicle. Thankfully, as your Ford dealer near Davis, we are here to tell you that Ford vehicles offer a winning combination of affordability, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs, all in a reliable and attractive exterior.

New or used, there is an option that is sure to fit your needs. Ford’s lineup is vast and varied, ranging from trucks to EVs and everything in between, making it a great choice for those who aren’t exactly sure yet of which style of vehicle they want. Plus, with Ford’s long history, the pre-owned market is filled with even more possibilities to be matched with the vehicle for you.

All-Electric Options

Sustainability and innovation reign supreme, and we are lucky to be living in an era where the automotive industry is consistently pursuing both. Ford is leading the charge, no pun intended, offering a diverse range of electric models so that no matter what your taste or needs are, you are likely to find an all-electric option that’s just right. Thanks to the company’s bold vision of the future, its electrifying lineup is industry-changing, and we are here for it.

There was a time when electric options were incredibly slim, but things have certainly changed with options like the F-150 Lightning. Drivers who demanded rugged capability and versatility were once out of luck, but now you can get all the benefits of a pickup in an electrifying form. The F-150 Lightning is the first-ever all-electric version of what is deemed America’s best-selling vehicle. Impressive towing capacity, lightning-fast acceleration, and advanced features set the Lightning up for market success. The F-150 Lightning offers the power, performance, and reliability that drivers have come to expect from the legendary F-Series lineup.

The Lightning has been racking in the accolades, pulling in awards such as The Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award and Edmund’s Top Rated Electric Truck Award, proving that sometimes great things can still get better. Although the Lightning shares quite a bit in common with the traditional gas-powered F-150, it has one thing that the traditional F-150 simply does not—incredible efficiency. The skyrocketing gas prices once made people panic, but now, with so many great hybrid and electric options on the market, we don’t have to be as victimized by rising gas prices.

Saving money at the pump is great, whoever you are, but imagine foregoing the pump altogether. Although electric vehicles are typically a bit more expensive than their gas-powered siblings, you save more in the long run. Skipping the fluctuating gas prices is just one way to save big, but many electric vehicles have other potential savings that come in the form of taxes. Buying a new or pre-owned electric vehicle can provide some exhilarating tax breaks. Imagine saving that money for a trip to Sac Town rather than watching it burn away in your gas tank.

Blue ambient lighting inside the cabin of a 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning at a Ford dealer near Davis.

Hybrid Models

The green revolution is not only fueled by EVs; there are other options for fuel efficiency and, in turn, savings. Hybrids are a perfect balance of gas and electricity, eliminating range anxiety and also providing some savings to boot. Hybrids appear to be more prolific on the roads, and they might just be the ones driving us into the future. Hybrids come in a few varieties, like traditional hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Most manufacturers have more hybrid options than EV options, but thankfully, Ford seems to have a nice balance. Even the F-150 is available in a hybrid, providing an option in all three categories.

Ford also offers their well-known Escape in hybrid form, as well as in plug-in hybrid form. The Escape Hybrid is a compact SUV that does a fantastic job of combining versatility and practicality with efficiency and eco-friendliness. Drivers can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they’re reducing their carbon footprint while saving money on fuel costs. Saving money is a plus, whether you are a student at UC Davis or working hard at your job for the weekend.

The Escape Plug-In Hybrid takes the efficiency found in the hybrid model to the next level with its ability to travel longer distances on electric power alone. Unlike the traditional hybrid model, the Escape Plug-In Hybrid features a larger battery pack that can be recharged by plugging into an external power source—hence its name. This allows drivers to travel significant distances on electric power alone.

Both the Ford Escape Hybrid and the Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid offer efficient and eco-friendly driving options whether you are an environmentally conscious driver or simply looking to save some cash. Both have their own benefits to offer, with savings linking the two. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your driving habits and what your budget ultimately looks like.

Shopping on a Budget? Consider a Pre-Owned Ford Model

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, opting for a pre-owned Ford is a savvy choice that can help you unlock substantial savings without sacrificing quality or reliability. Fords are designed to keep chugging along, even when the road gets rough, so it only makes sense that pre-owned Fords are great alternatives to their pricier, new counterparts. From depreciation to reduced insurance costs, choosing a pre-owned vehicle comes with numerous benefits.

One of the most significant advantages of buying a pre-owned Ford is avoiding the steep depreciation that occurs during the first few years of ownership. New cars usually lose some of their value as soon as they are driven off the lot. That means if you decide to turn around and make your money back, it’s pretty likely that you won’t. However, pre-owned vehicles have already experienced a dip in depreciation, shielding you from that loss.

If you want to consider more tangible savings, the initial purchase price is a good place to start. You can get more features and options for your money without paying the same cost as you would for a new vehicle. Many recent year models share the same features and some might even be identical. This allows you to drive away with more bang for your buck. Plus, with so many pre-owned options entering the used market every year, you will gain access to a wider selection of pre-owned Fords than you would with a new model. You are likely to find a vehicle that fits your budget and lifestyle without compromising on quality.

A blue 2023 Ford Edge ST driving on a coastal highway.

Choosing a Ford Means Choosing Value

Value is an interesting word that can sometimes be associated with cheap, but in reality, it simply indicates something great. Having value indicates that something is worth something, providing a benefit to those who seek it. When it comes to choosing a Ford, that’s exactly what you will get. Whether you are choosing a pre-owned Ford, a hybrid, or an EV, it isn’t just about saving cash; it’s about making a smart investment in reliable transportation that you can trust. With Ford’s reputation for durability, innovation, and quality, opting for a Ford is opting for value.


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