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Testimonials for Future Ford of Sacramento

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Some of our Recent Happy Customers

Customer:  Ed Tagala of Rocklin, CA | Vehicle:  2013 Ford F150 Pickup | Sales:  Alex Panchenko

Customer:  William and Michele Landley of Valley Springs, CA | Vehicle:  2011 Certified Pre-Owned Ford F150 Pickup | Sales:  Alex Panchenko

Mr. Collins,

You will recall our conversation of last week regarding my difficulties finding appropriate tire cables for my (my wife's) 2014 Ford Fusion.  You referred me to Mr. Jim Thompkins who promptly called me and arranged with personnel at Radial Tire to fit the car with cables.  Yesterday, Saturday, Kathleen and I went to Radial Tire, and were given first class service immediately which included fitting the Fusion's tires for cables and a lesson for me on cable installation (like I am going to roll around in the snow sometime trying to put on cables!)  Just kidding!  Anyway, I appreciate the expeditious and very courteous handling of this matter and it's very favorable solution.  Also, thanks for paying for the cables.  My dealings with you all were top notch and I just wanted to let you know that.
- Lary H.

I just wanted to thank all 3 of you for helping my daughter, Allison Werner get a car.  Each of you went above and beyond to make that happen.

Rod, when we contacted you about the problems Allison was having with her car in Texas you fixed everything free of charge and made sure Allison had a rental car while the repairs were being made.  I realize you had to put money out of Future Ford's pocket to make it all happen since Allison was out of state and the car couldn't be fixed at your facility.  It's one thing to say you can fix it at your shop it's another to say I will pay someone else to take care of you.  Service doesn't get any better than that!!!

Robert, from the moment I started talking with you I knew you were not an ordinary salesperson.  You have always been genuine and eager to help us.  Normally working with a car salesperson is like swimming in shark infested waters however, that's not the case working with you.  You don't have a shark like mentality so it made working with you a pleasure.  Thank you for listening to us and providing a car that fit within in our overall needs!!!

Scott you didn't have to but you made sure that funding was made available to us so Allison would have a car to drive.  I was devastated when I got the call saying the car was going to have to be returned because no one was willing to be our lender.  Thankfully, you attended to the situation and made sure we were given the financing needed for us to keep the car.  We are current on the loan and could not have purchased the car without your assistance!!!

Words cannot possibly express my gratitude.  I have told everybody I know that if they need a car they should make the drive to Future Ford of Sacramento.  Allison's had the car for almost a year now and she really likes it.  Thank you again gentlemen; we couldn't be happier with car and the customer service we received from each one of you.  Now if you could just get me a new Expedition for $50.00 I'd be singing a new song (ha, ha)!!  All kidding aside, it was a pleasure working with you.  We look forward to working with you in the future.  Have a great weekend.

-Dionne W.

Customer:  Rodney Lopez of Sacramento, CA | Vehicle:  2009 Ford Focus | +Sales:  Alex Panchenko

Customer:  Johanna and Chris Keys of Pacifica, CA | Vehicle:  2011 Chrysler Pacifica Minivan | Sales | Andrey Gontar

Good Morning Rod,

I just wanted to take the time to tell you what a great experience Tami and I had at your dealership.  Our friendship aside, everyone we came into contact with was exceptional.  The friendliness just in general inside the four walls was incredible. Everyone that walked past us engaged; asking us if we would like water, needed help, or just a "hello."

 The employees that were involved with our transaction were very helpful and professional (Scott, Meysam, and Navid).  Navid went above and beyond for sure dealing with the key issue.

 Thank you again for the great experience

 Bryan and Tami M

Customer:  Adam O'Neal of Sacramento, CA | Vehicle:  2011 Ford Explorer | Sales:  Alex Panchenko

Customer:  Nakia Zinsky of Sacramento, CA | Vehicle:  2008 Toyota Corolla | Sales:  Alex Panchenko

Customer:  Alex Hurst of Brentwood, CA | Vehicle:  2014 Ford F150 | Sales:  Jacob Sherwood

Customer:  Shannon Sober of Corona Del Mar, CA | Vehicle:  2014 Ford Escape Titanium | Sales:  Thomas Sober

Customer:  Noelle Pratt of New York, NY | Vehicle:  2010 Toyota Camry | Sales:  Travis Withrow and Kathy Burrage

Customer:  Chelsea Odel of Rio Linda, CA | Vehicle:  2014 Ford Fusion SE | Sales:  Steve Burton

Julia Fowler from Fair Oaks | New Focus hatchback

Customer:  Lavell Fowler of Sacramento, CA | Vehicle:  2014 Ford Taurus SEL | Sales:  Alex Panchenko

Customer:  Melanie of Sacramento, CA | Vehicle:  2014 Ford F150 FX2 | Sales:  Alex Panchenko

Kelly McCoy from Elk Grove with Obeth Davilla and her new Ford Explorer Sport

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Customer:  Monique Baily of Sacramento, CA | Vehicle:  Certified Pre-Owned 2012 Ford F150 XLT traded in her soccer mom Chrysler Town and Country | Sales:  Thomas Sober

Customer:  Todd and Dana Ratigan of Omaha, NE | Vehicle:  2014 Ford Raptor | Sales:  Tyler Swedensky
Customer:  Sarah Parsons of Stockton, CA | Vehicle:  Certified Pre-Owned Ford Fusion SES | Sales:  Alex Panchenko

Customer:  Brett Robinson of Camino, CA | Vehicle:  2013 Ford F150 | Sales:  Daniel Tellez

Customer:  Michaela McCarthy of Stockton, CA | Vehicle:  2014 Ford Fusion | Sales:  Thomas Sober

Customer:  Olivia Holcomb | Vehicle:  2014 Ford Focus | Sales:  Joseph Khatter and Kyle Saephanh

Customer:  David and Suzie Floyd of Orangevale, CA | Vehicle:  2014 Ford F150 XLT Pickup | Sales:  Thomas Sober

My  car is still awesome just like all the staff at Future FORD  Sacramento.  I feel like a valued customer every time I get my car  serviced and appreciate all the pleasant experiences I've had so far at  your dealership and service department.  I definitely recommend your  dealership to my friends, family, and acquaintances!
- Jen Steele

Customer:  Julie Zukolsko of Sacramento, CA | Vehicle:  2008 Ford Fusion | Sales:  Kathy Burrage

Customer:  Bill and Jennifer Budd of Lincoln, CA | Vehicle:  2013 Ford Focus | Sales:  Stan Thomas

Customer:  Brandon Bryant Sacramento, CA |  Vehicle:  2008 GMC Envoy |  Sales:  Daniel Tellez

Customer:  Jamey Church |  Vehicle:  2014 Ford Fusion |  Sales:  Stan Thomas

Great Service!

Colby was my contact at the truck center, my new F-350 diesel was in for it's first service and we discovered my horn did not work, since it is my  busy season (I do accounting and taxes) he was able to work around my  schedule to get it fixed.
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